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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

How to be a World of Warcraft millionaire

I got an email the other day from a friend I used to be in a guild with in World of Warcraft. I still play, but he left us about six months ago because he was having trouble keeping up with his classes. I understand – I’ve been there before myself.

He was thinking of jumping back into the game and wanted to ask me about a guide he had just read about and whether I thought it was legitimate. The name of the guide was Warcraft Millionaire.

Now, I’d heard the name tossed around a couple of times in general chat in Ironforge and on a couple of the forums, but hadn’t really thought much of it. There are dozens of gold making guides out there and they usually just recycle the same information. But, my friend was a pro and he seemed to be excited about it – he even said it might get him back into the game and the guild just so he could see how well it worked. If the guide was that compelling, I needed to find out more about it so, I visited the website at WarcraftMillionaire.com and read more about what the guy who wrote it – Brad Johnson – was selling.

My friend was right in a lot of ways. The guide is much different than the other ones I’ve seen before. First, it is written by the game’s first self-professed millionaire – something that was relatively hard to believe until I saw the video of him showcasing his multiple characters at the gold cap.

Second, the guide is extremely well written. A lot of times, you’ll find that game guides are written by someone who clearly didn’t spend much time awake during English classes in school. Well organized, well thought out and broken up into neat, easy to read sections, World of Warcraft Millionaire is a pleasure to read.

Finally, the information in the guide and its multiple bonus guides, is really quite useful. Not only does it include information that I have been more than a little interested in learning more about – things like low level gold techniques (why does every guide seem to focus on Outland these days) and advanced Auction House advice. The guide also focuses on helping beginners and veterans alike understand the basic fundamentals of the Warcraft economy instead of just showing them where to go and kill stuff for gold. It’s a nice breath of fresh air and I can see why this guide would work – if only because it is so easy to follow.

I won’t make any claims or statements about this guide making you a millionaire, or even thousands of gold for that matter – you always have to put the work in to be successful with things like this; but I will say that there are dozens of great gold making tips, a thorough, well presented voice, and one of the top notch approaches to gold making I’ve seen a long time. Plus, I’m glad to have my friend back in the guild. Kudos to Brad.

Attunement for Karazhan

What is Karazhan?

Karazhan is the 10 Man Raid Instance that is found in Deadwing Pass (between Duskwood and Swamp of Sorrows) and includes 10 Bosses on a one week instance reset timer. In addition to higher quality loot, Tier 4 Tokens drop on some of the bosses in here. Difficulty wise, people finishing it say it is a couple steps above what UBRS was for low equipped level 60 players, with bosses that require a higher level of strategy and coordination.

Getting Attuned for Karazhan

At level 70, go to Karazhan in Deadwing Pass and do the quests found on Archmage Alturus, who stands outside of the tower. If you follow his instructions and do the quests he has, the quest chain will eventually wind up taking you to Dalaran in Southshore and then to Khadgar in Shattrath City.

Khadgar will give you a quest titled “Entry Into Karazhan” and send you to get the The First Key Fragment, which is found in a vase next to the final boss (Murmur) in Shadow Labrynth. You can get this key fragment without fighting Murmur if you want as he has a tiny agro range. After getting the key piece, you return to Khadgar in Shattrath for the next quest.

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Lockpicking Guide (part 2)

Tiers of Lockpicking

Now you can level with pick pocketing or you can be patient and level efficiently through other means. Though I’m only familiar with the Alliance Rogue, I won’t be able to tell the Horde players their initial skill-up device, but if you look on the boards you shouldn’t have too much trouble. It is also worth mentioning that Horde players can use the devices mentioned below, however it may be more convenient to find closer ones that are Horde related.

The “other means” I was referring to comes in the form of unclickable chests and doors that require keys. Anything that requires a key will basically allow you to level your lock picking on it, so doors are fair game. The list located on this guide will show you what you’ll need to pick to get to 300+ lock picking.

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Lockpicking Guide (part 1)

Lock picking is best scene as a fun tradeskill like ability that only rogues get to partake in. It’s impossible to level this very high without leveling your character but it is a fun little skill to play with as you level through the game.
How useful is it?

Lock picking has limited use but sure is handy. Obviously enough it allows you to pick any chest or lockbox in the game, however slightly lesser known it allows you to open most doors that require keys. These doors include Searing Gorge, Scarlet Monastery, Blackrock Depths, Scholomance, etc. As you go through the game you’ll have to acquire keys to get through each of these doors, but with a high lock pickings kill you’ll be able to just pick your way through and toss the keys.

Can’t Blacksmiths lockpick?

Blacksmiths can pick locks but only with keys they have to craft. The big problem is that the keys used in lock picking take resources such as Truesilver that are in a very limited quantity. Not to mention a blacksmith’s keys can’t open very high lockboxes, Mithral, Thorium and lockboxes of the like are left exclusively for your Rogue.

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Leathercrafting / Skinning Guide (part 4)

Tribal / Elemental / Dragon Grandmasteries

When you near level 50 you’ll be able to receive a quest to learn one of the three masteries. Each of these masteries have different benefits, but once you have learned one, you will no longer have the option to choose the other two, so you must make your decision wisely.

Elemental Leatherworking Mastery

Elemental deals with creating armor that allows for sometimes high agility and resistances to certain elements, ie: water, fire, etc. Though at the lower levels elemental resistances are not an important factor, trust me when I say you’ll want high fire resistances in the high level instances. The first recipe Helm of Fire gives 17 agility, 10 stamina and 5 fire resistance. Oh, and it also shoots a fireball at monsters upon use (which is just odd). I choose this line, but outside of the Helm of Fire (which I used till level 60) and the Volcanic Leggings I’ve not had much of a use for it. Perhaps they’ll either add recipes to existing areas or new recipes will drop once new content has been discovered?

Also, to gain the items needed to create Elemental gear, you’ll need to kill Elementals (no shit?), which can be a pain. The problem is: these materials are often used by smiths to create some high level weapons, so it’s not as easy to obtain the resources as you may like.

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Leathercrafting / Skinning Guide (part 3)

Past 250 Skill

Once you hit 250 skill you’ll need to get the rest of your recipes from the Auction House or find them off monsters. You defiantly wanna find the Wicked Leather recipes, for they allow for quick and painless leveling into the 300 range. Pay attention for them and buy them as soon as possible. It is common to pay 5 gold for a good 50+ level leatherworking recipe.

Dependencies on other Trade Skills

The only dependency you will have on other tradeskill is Engineering. At 250 Engineering can make an item called a Salt Shaker. This allows you to create Refined Deeprock Salt from Deeprock Salt. The reset on creating a single Refined Deep Rock Salt is 3 days. The Salt Shaker is reusable so you’ll only need one of them but if you want to create refined deeprock salt at a faster rate, get a handful of Salt Shakers (each have their own reset time).

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Leathercrafting / Skinning Guide (part 2)

Making Money

You’ll eventually be faced with the enigma of: ‘How do I make money as a leathercrafter?’ Unfortunately I’m not the best source of information on this subject since I don’t like creating items to sell. (It weighs heavily on my leveling process.) Other then the obvious means of creating a nice green or blue item found in a recipe and selling it on the Auction House; I will introduce to you an alternate method of making money with your leathercrafter.

There are places in Azeroth that allow you to collect multiple leathers off of one skin. This, coupled with the fact that some items that can produce with that leather sells for between 40-80 silver, makes item creation both quick and lucrative. So lets say you go out and farm some leather in a multiple skin spot. You collect leather so fast that you could quickly create an 80 silver item. You may have to pay around 10 silver for materials to create that item but you can quickly sell it to the vendor for a profit of 70 silver. Sure, you could try your luck at the Auction House, but there are so many other leathercrafters out there selling the same wares as you, you’re gonna have a problem unloading your stuff. So in order to save on time , money, and overall profit just sell your items to the vendor. If you’re doing this with the right items it is possible to make 10-15 gold an hour if you know a good spot to skin . There are most likely better places to grind for leather that would yield greater rewards, but I haven’t looked too much into them. Just keep your mind open to this option and perhaps you can find another means of making money without having to find a demand.

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Leathercrafting / Skinning Guide (part 1)

While at the lower levels leatherworking may look like a less useful tradeskill, at the higher levels it becomes more valuable. However, I would say that leatherworking isn’t necessarily a money making powerhouse of a tradeskill, it does allow you to make armor kits and obtain leather used for making bags.

How useful is leatherworking?

Leatherworking has arguable use. For Alliance there are plenty of quests that give out nice leather armor up until level 40, then it gets pretty desolate till 60. The Stranglethorn Vale Tiger/Panther/Raptor Masteries really give some awesome leather gear that is rather hard to beat at level 32-34. However when you hit level 40, you’ll wanna upgrade, and aside from Tremours of the Earth at lvl 50 and a nice Felwood quest that gives you some shoulders, you’ll be crafting and wearing most of your gear.

Once you get near level 50, you can pick a grandmastery and then begin making some impressive quality items. Depending on what path you take, you’ll see different bonuses, but most of them will sell well on the Auction House.

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