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Attunement for Karazhan

What is Karazhan?

Karazhan is the 10 Man Raid Instance that is found in Deadwing Pass (between Duskwood and Swamp of Sorrows) and includes 10 Bosses on a one week instance reset timer. In addition to higher quality loot, Tier 4 Tokens drop on some of the bosses in here. Difficulty wise, people finishing it say it is a couple steps above what UBRS was for low equipped level 60 players, with bosses that require a higher level of strategy and coordination.

Getting Attuned for Karazhan

At level 70, go to Karazhan in Deadwing Pass and do the quests found on Archmage Alturus, who stands outside of the tower. If you follow his instructions and do the quests he has, the quest chain will eventually wind up taking you to Dalaran in Southshore and then to Khadgar in Shattrath City.

Khadgar will give you a quest titled “Entry Into Karazhan” and send you to get the The First Key Fragment, which is found in a vase next to the final boss (Murmur) in Shadow Labrynth. You can get this key fragment without fighting Murmur if you want as he has a tiny agro range. After getting the key piece, you return to Khadgar in Shattrath for the next quest.

* Khadgar now gives you another quest called “The Second and Third Fragments” requests the Second and Third Key fragments, which are found in The Steam Vaults and The Arcatraz.

* The Steam Vaults hold the Second Key Fragment and is the easiest to get and can be done with no boss encounters. Work your way into the instance and stay “on the right” until you get to the tunnel on the right side. They key fragment is found in the deep water “after” the tunnel. (I know this is hard to understand until you do the instance).

* The Arcatraz holds the Third Key Fragment but to get into the Arcatraz you need the Arcatraz Key, a Rogue with 350 skill to pick the door, or somebody to let you in. Asuming you find a way in, the third key fragment is after the first boss, up the “ramp” and on the right side of the large room with the Void Walkers. Again, you can do this without fighting the first boss if you so choose to do so in the interest of speed. After turning in the Second and Third Key Fragments to Khadgar in Shattrath, he will send you on a new mission to speak to Medivh. Medivh is found in the second instance in Caverns of Time: The Black Morass and can only be spoken to after the successful completion of the Dark Portal event/quest. However, in order to get into The Black Morass, you must first do the first Caverns of Time Instance: The Escape from Durnholde, but if you already did this part earlier, you can just go directly to The Black Morass and do the event.

Welcome to Karazhan!

Questline (Starts just outside Karazhan)

Arcane Disturbances
Contact from Dalaran
—- Entry Into Karazhan (completes in Shadow Labyrinth)
—– The Second and Third Fragments (completes in The Steamvault and Arcatraz)
—— Now, complete Black Morass in Caverns of Time and you’ll get the key.

The full quest line requires 5 instances to be entered (seven if you include getting a key for The Arcatraz) and is thus fairly involved and most will find doing some of these instances to be a challenge for the first few times, but no more so than what will be encountered in Karazhan itself, so the trade off is worth it.

Thanks for this article to Luciass (human warlock lady in Departed Soulz on Azgalor – US server)

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