Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Gohr’s Devastating Grips Barbarian Unique Disabled

Blizzard has just disabled effect, arguably one of the most powerful Barbarian Unique effects - with no current estimate on when its functionality will be restored.

Until now, the unique power caused to explode after it "ended," so players were able to constantly start and stop due to its channeling nature, thus triggering the explosion over and over.

We'll update with more information as it is posted - in the meantime, hang in there Barbarians!

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Getting Started in Sanctuary – User Interface & Navigation Guides are Now Live

Although many of us have played the Early Access Beta, Open Beta, or Server Slam, it is still early days for Diablo 4. Today, we'd like to highlight a couple of our Guides that will help you through your first steps into Diablo 4's wide world of Sanctuary!

UI Options & Shortcuts

Our User Interface Options and Keyboard Shortcuts in Diablo 4 Guide is chock full of helpful tips about Keybindings, Settings, and Accessibility Options in Diablo 4.

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Stolen Artifice Quest Disabled Until Further Notice

Blizzard has disabled the Stolen Artifice questline in Scosglen until further notice, leaving players unable to complete that zone for the time being on both Console and PC. We'll keep you updated with the latest information as to when this quest will become available again!

The team has disabled the ‘Stolen Artifice’ quest line in Scosglen until our next scheduled hotfix.

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Diablo 4 Hardcore Death Clips & Close Calls

We're still in the first few days of Diablo 4 Early Access, and yet so many characters have perished in the pursuit of being the first to reach level 100 in Diablo 4's Hardcore mode. Streamers including shroud, Maximum, and RaizQT have become some of the first victims of the harsh world of Sanctuary, and have already had to make new characters. If you'd like to see how these professional gamers met their ends, and learn how to avoid a similar fate, make sure to check out the following clips.

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Missing Diablo 4 Gem Bag Ignites Community Discussion

Like in the good old days of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, gems in Diablo 4 don't have a separate gem inventory - and the community hates it. Two r/diablo4 Reddit threads with four-digit upvotes and hundreds of comments discuss the lack of a separate solution for socketable items like gems in Diablo 4.

r/diablo4 Gem Discussion 1r/diablo4 Gem Discussion 2

Diablo 4 Gems Guide

And the discussion isn't limited to Reddit either - it's a hot topic on Twitter as well.

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Sarkareth Encounter Void Concept Art by Senior VFX Artist Ethan Zink

One of the most interesting reveals in Aberrus was the third phase transition during Scalecommander Sarkareth's encounter, in which the Evoker embraces the Void in a final bid for power, gaining a twisted new model and abilities to match. Intriguing lore implications aside, the visuals are absolutely stunning, and Senior VFX Artist Ethan Zink recently shared some of his concept art for the encounter.

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Diablo 4 Hotfix 2 Patch 1.0.2

Blizzard deployed the second hotfix of Patch 1.0.2, adding several bug fixes and solving various crash issues! Additionally, the top rate of the Elixir of Death Evasion recipe has been reduced after it's already learned.

The hotfix notes also include yesterday's first hotfix that increased monster health in higher World Tiers and applied Rogue and Barbarian changes.

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Diablo 4 Patch Notes 1.0.2c

Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.2c was deployed this afternoon to address issues with high-speed NVMe SSDs and freezing at launch.

The Diablo IV team has been diligently monitoring your feedback. As we introduce patches to keep your experience in Sanctuary smooth, we will update the below list and denote whether the fixes are intended for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or all platforms.

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