Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Diablo IV Class of Choice Giveaway – Win a Limited Collector’s Box!

The third time is the charm for those hoping for Limited Collector's Boxes! The Diablo Twitter account is giving away another 30 Diablo IV Limited Collector's Boxes, and it's never been easier to win!

The Diablo IV Collector's Box is packed to the brim with Diablo merchandise - from a Candle of Creation to a beautiful Diablo IV Collector's Edition Art Book, this Collector's Box is a great addition to any collector's shelf. Here's the full list of goodies contained in this hellish collection:

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Blizzard Clarifies Philosophy on Public Work Orders and Recent Crafting Changes

In a recent Community Council Blue Post, Blizzard has clarified the reasoning for recent changes to Public Work Orders and why they have not allowed public orders to specify quality.

Thank you so much for the feedback!

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Find Mounts and Mount Cosmetics in the Diablo IV Beta – Horses, Bardings, Trophies

We're not horsing around about mount collection - we've previously reported on a mysterious mount that dropped from a Stronghold zone event, and after hearing more rumors about mounts and mount cosmetics dropping in the Diablo IV Early Access Beta we were spurred to action! We've rounded up as much detail as we could find about mounts, bardings, and trophies - read on so you're not stuck in the night-mare situation of walking through Sanctuary when Diablo IV launches!

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Blizzard Investigating Patch 10.1 PTR Raid Testing Instability

It seems the Dragonflight Patch 10.1 raid test servers are experiencing some heavy lag and instability, with players getting disconnected or being unable to stay zoned inside Aberrus altogether! Blizzard is currently investigating a fix.

We’re aware of an issue that is preventing players from being able to stay in the raid. We’re investigating a fix.Thank you for your patience!

Hello again!

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Lofi Beats to Treasure Hunt To – Blizzard Releases New Lofi Mix

Blizzard is once again releasing relaxing music to help channel your inner loot goblin! In collaboration with Rezodrone (composed of Jason Charles Miller & Jamison Boaz), Blizzard has released a second edition of their Lofi Beats series - Lofi Beats to Treasure Hunt To!

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Get Butchered During the Diablo IV Open Beta Weekend!

For veteran Diablo players, nothing strikes fear into your heart quite like rounding a corner in a dungeon, facing the pitch-black darkness, and hearing a guttural roar of "FRESH MEAT!" Bringing that fear to a new generation of players, The Butcher is back - and he's meaner than ever!

The Butcher can be found (or more accurately, finds YOU) in any Dungeon in Sanctuary - albeit rarely. How will you know when you've found him? You won't have to worry - he'll make himself known!

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Diablo IV Open Beta Known Issues – Queue Times, Server Status

Open Beta Weekend for Diablo IV is imminent, and both Blizzard and r/diablo have maintained their Known Issues threads so users can verify problems in the world of Sanctuary.

Wowhead will continue to update this post as more issues are identified and listed by Blizzard - stay tuned for updates!

r/Diablo Known Issues Megathread

UPDATE (March 24, 12:15 a.m. PDT): Based on several reports, queue times for new players trying to log in right now is about 160 minutes!

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Diablo IV Open Beta Now Live Worldwide

Diablo IV Open Beta is live worldwide! You can now explore the Fracturing Peaks zone, level up to 25 with three different classes, earn cosmetics and titles, and much more!

Diablo IV Content OverviewDiablo IV Open Beta System RequirementsDiablo IV Open Beta 10 Tips and Tricks

Cosmetics and Titles

Players can earn the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic and two exclusive titles during Diablo IV's Open Beta. By the way: These rewards will transfer to the live game launching on June 6th, 2023.

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