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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

About this site

This guide is to help you determine where you want to go and what you would like to do. We know you want to level and get the good stuff, so I hope I can give you enough information to get you running full steam ahead.

Death is just life’s way of saying “Hey, you’re not alive anymore!” – Bull from Night Court

You have gone through the entire character creation process, you have chosen your class, your gender and spent a little time choosing your face and hair color. You may have spent five minutes on the process or if you are very new to the game you probably took twenty or thirty minutes reading every little bit of information right?

Yeah I thought so, you would not be here reading this guide if you spent all of your time making yourself look pretty and knowing how to do everything. If you were anything like me you jumped into the game and started mashing keys to see what did what.

You can also see how my characters evolved in time in my World Of Warcraft Screenshots Gallery! Check the menu ;)

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