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A price comparison site for WoW gold sellers

As mmobux said today they are proud to announce that development of has reached a completion stage that allows them to put a beta version online. Aside from a server and faction specific listing of the cheapest WoW currency sellers it provides a discussion forum and background information for all shops.

What is mmobux? It’s an Advanced MMOG currency research site. MMOBUX compares prices for virtual currencies in computer games, such as Gold in World of Warcraft. They compare World of Warcraft EU Gold prices and also World of Warcraft US Gold prices.

Here’s how you can find the cheapest price to boost your character:

  • Find your game in a list
  • Find the server and faction where you play your game
  • Click the website of the shop where you want to buy gold from

A lot of work still remains to be done on that site, but the current site can already be a helpful tool for MMORPG players out there. If you discover any bugs in their site, have any ideas or other comments, I recommend you to join their forum and discuss with them.


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