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Should L70 players be able to start a L55 class of their choice?

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Like many servers since Patch 3.0.2, mine went down for the count last night. I had planned to explore the Hallow’s End content that just went live with my guildies, but spent the time instead commiserating with them via Instant Messenger while waiting for Blizzard to combat rez my realm. One suggestion brought up in the conversation was to play on another server for the evening. A guildmate of mine had a brother with a high level toon on another server, but because we could only roll new characters, that didn’t help either.

That’s when my guild brother (heya Taiglin!) made what I thought was a brilliant suggestion: since level 70 players will be able to roll a brand new level 55 Death Knight when Wrath launches, why not roll any class at level 55? I was going to explain to him why that wasn’t a good idea, but honestly, I thought he had a point. I already know how to play a Druid (well, I’m relearning with the new talents from Patch 3.0.2 and my new found love of Balance specs), why can’t I roll a level 55 Druid on a new server to have an alternative place to play? Or even just to join friends who rolled toons on other servers.

You may argue against players rolling a class they don’t know how to play then bungling through pick up groups, but isn’t that exactly what’s going to happen with the flood of DKs about to hit every server? Blizzard is poised to open the door to this option with their new Hero class, why not every class?

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