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Mila Kunis quits WoW, breaks nerd hearts everywhere

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Mila Kunis, who got her breakthrough role playing air-headed Jackie on That 70’s Show, was always one of the more famous people playing our favorite game. Ukraine-born Kunis was interviewed by Complex magazine a while back and she revealed a surprisingly pleasant grasp of the game, which she plays with her long-time boyfriend Macaulay Culkin (yeah, that kid from Home Alone. He’s all grown up now, sorry, guys.). This won the approval of nerds everywhere — that includes me — because a hot babe playing a video game always gets a thumbs up.

In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kunis promotes her new movie, the video-game inspired Max Payne, and talks about having had to quit the game “for good, going on a year now.” Confusingly, however, the actress continues to talk about “the game” in the present tense, talking about being in two guilds, getting recognized through in-game voice chat, and how she plays a kickass Alliance Mage. It’s an interesting and funny interview where she also hints at keeping tabs on the expansion’s new 10-man raids as well as confesses to sucking at shoot-em ups. For someone who hasn’t played the game for about a year, she sure does give it a lot of love, saying that “it’s such a good game” and that she “loves it so much.” Maybe when Wrath comes out she’ll rethink that hiatus from the game, eh?

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