Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

This Month in WoW – August 2015

August has come, and with it comes a great deal of competition. Get set to follow the next stages on the road to BlizzCon, along with a plethora of other eSports action.

In-Game Event

Darkmoon Faire Returns [August 2 - 9]
The wondrous and mystical Darkmoon Faire returns to Azeroth on August, and if you haven’t completed all of Silas Darkmoon’s new Darkmoon Races, now’s the time! Test your speed and agility on a variety of racing mounts as you dodge electrifying obstacles and zip all over Darkmoon Island for rewards and achievements.

The faire continues to be one of the best ways to acquire heirloom gear, and don’t forget all of the toys, mounts, and pets that can only be gotten here. Warm up your ring tossing hand!

Upcoming World of Warcraft Tournaments

Road to BlizzCon: European Arena Qualifiers
Check all relevant info in this blog.

  • Cup 1: July 14 – July 18 (one team qualified). Check out the VODs here.
  • Cup 2: July 28 – August 1 (two teams will qualify)
  • Cup 3: August 11 – August 15 (three teams will qualify)

For all the information you need to follow the action, including complete tournament rules, click here.

The GCDTV [(G)lobal (C)ool(D)own TV] tournament is hosted by DMachine and cast by Arena veterans Breaker (subtlety Rogue), Supatease (restoration/balance Druid), and Venruki (three-time BlizzCon competitor).

  • GCDTV is set to resume their weekly tournaments on August 21 at 9:00 p.m. EDT / 6:00 p.m. PDT / 3:00 a.m. CEST.

You can catch all of the action on the GCDTV Twitch channel, sign up to playcatch up on previous tournament VoDs here, and follow their official GCDTV Twitter feed to stay up to date on all of the action.

Twink Cup – July 31-August 2
The Twink Cup is a level 19 tournament with a $7,000 prize pool. For all the details on this event, head over to http://bisnation.net/forums/topic/2015-twink-cup-planningdiscussion/. You can also follow Twink Cup on Twitter and Twitch.

The Electronic Sports League continues to bring the weekend WoW action on:

For more information, head over to the ESL news site, and don’t forget to follow ESL on Twitch and Twitter.

Bonus Weekend Events in WoW

July 31 – August 3 – Warlords of Draenor Dungeons Bonus

August 7 – August 10 – Pet Battle Bonus Event

August 14 – August 17 – Burning Crusade Timewalking

August 21 – August 4 – Apexis Bonus Event

August 28 – August 31 – Arena Skirmish Bonus

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