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Sunken Temple Loot Sources on Wowhead – Season of Discovery

Thanks to Wowhead users using the Wowhead Client, we now have drop sources for all items inside Sunken Temple. We've updated our Sunken Temple Loot Guide to include all the loot tables for bosses, which you can view below --

Sunken Temple Level-Up Raid Loot Sunken Temple Level-Up Raid Overview

Weapon Drop Sources in Sunken Temple


MaceBlistering RagehammerFestering Rotslime
StaffMijan's Restorative RodGasher
AxeScalebane GreataxeHazzas
GaxeTemple Explorer's Gun AxeAtal'alarion
PolearmBloodied HeadspikeAtal'alarion
PolearmScythe of the DreamDreamscythe
PolearmSmolder ClawDreamscythe
SwordChieftain's BaneAvatar of Hakkar
StaffSpire of Hakkari WorshipAvatar of Hakkar
StaffAncient Divining RodHazzas
StaffNightmare Focus StaffShade of Eranikus


AxeAxe of the Atal'ai ExecutionerJammal'an the Prophet
AxeEater of the DamnedJammal'an the Prophet
AxeSharpened Tooth of EranikusShade of Eranikus
SwordDebased StealthbladeGasher
SwordFlamebreath BladeDreamscythe
SwordVile Blade of the WretchedJammal'an the Prophet
SwordDragon's CryShade of Eranikus
MaceFist of the ForsakenJammal'an the Prophet
MaceMight of the Blood LoaAvatar of Hakkar
MaceSnake ClobbererDreamscythe
DaggerDegraded Dire NailShade of Eranikus

Main Hand

MaceMadness of the AvatarAtal'alarion
MaceWitch Doctor's Stick of MojoShade of Eranikus
DaggerSacrificial Dream DaggerDreamscythe
DaggerHubris, the Bandit BranderJammal'an the Prophet
FistCobra Fang ClawAvatar of Hakkar


WandNightmare TrophyShade of Eranikus
WandRod of Irreversible CorrosionShade of Eranikus
CrossbowRinzo's Rapid RepeaterGasher
BowStinging LongbowFestering Rotslime
BowDreadstalker's Hunting BowShade of Eranikus


ShieldCrest of PreeminenceShade of Eranikus
ShieldHakkari Witch Doctor's GuardJammal'an the Prophet
ShieldSewer Turtle Half-ShellAtal'alarion


Off-HandDrakestone of the Blood ProphetHazzas
Off-HandDrakestone of the Dream HarbingerHazzas
Off-HandDrakestone of the Nightmare HarbingerHazzas
FistSerpent's StrikerHazzas

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