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2.1 New Items,Upgrades and Misc (Updates Ongoing)

Well, the 2.1.0 PTR Patch is out, and the news just keeps on flowing. Below for this post I have attatched images of the skyguard and ogrila rep rewards, click the thumbnails for larger sizes! Faction Rewards Ogrila Rep Rewards 1 Skyguards Rep Rewards 1 Tier5 Changes Rogue T5 Changes + Engi StuffDruid Tier5 ChangesMage Tier5 ChangesPaladin Tier 5 ChangesWarlock Tier 5 Changes Engineering Items Cloth Engi Hat clothengihelm1 clothengihelm2plateengihelmplateengihelm2plateengihelm3 Weapon Graphics Updates PvP Item …

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