Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Get Ready for Patch 6.2.2 – Live in Europe September 2

Patch 6.2.2 will go live in Europe tomorrow, September 2! If you missed the updates released over the past weeks here’s a quick recap of the major 6.2.2 features.

Draenor Pathfinding

All players that have completed the Draenor Pathfinding achievement will now be able to fly in Draenor! If you haven’t completed it yet check out this blog for all the information you will need to get started.

PvP Mercenary Mode

Ever wanted to fight for the other faction? Well now is your chance with Mercenary Mode! This feature will allow you to queue and fight for the opposite faction when Ashran or unrated Battleground queues on your realm are elevated for your own faction – check out all the details here.

For more information check out the full 6.2.2 Patch Notes.

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