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Welcome to the Community News! There is always some interesting news, fan fiction, comic, artwork, guide or machinima that is worth sharing. In this blog we will provide you with a recap of this week's latest news and community highlights!

This week's news from Azeroth

Manaflask: Halion Heroic Solo Kill
Dr. Sheya from Manaflask really puts the beatdown on Halion HC mode, you can watch this epic video of him smashing his way through the regeneration mechanic and scoring a solo kill here.

WoW Places — Graphics in Warcraft
The great diversity of scenery in WoW often serves as inspiration to explore Azeroth. Skunkrock of Zuluhed(EU) knows this better than most, as is evident from his latest sightseeing adventure.

Red Proto-Drake Figurine
A French player known as Namow has sculpted a really cool figurine of a Red Proto-Drake. He has posted some photos of the manufacturing process as well as the final result.

Latest Pulse Episode
Tales of Lumin is back with another Pulse episode, and as per usual it offers a nice summary of the latest news and updates in the Warcraft Community :)

Manaflask: Project 60
Project 60: Go oldschool with Manaflask and experience the World of Warcraft as close as possible to how it was back in 2005, before the Dark Portal was opened. You can find out how to join in here.

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