Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Millionaire

The World of Warcraft Phenomenon

World of Warcraft is an enormously popular game that has experienced success beyond what anyone might have expected. It has become a mainstream triumph and has widened the audience for its genre and for gaming in general. It has also had an effect on the game industry, and in many ways is a surprising and remarkable title.

What World of Warcraft has done is to make the multi-player game more popular. Before it arrived, the majority of people playing multi-player online games were usually teenage and twenty something males. World of Warcraft has broadened the gaming audience considerably. All sorts of age groups and individuals are now playing it. In particular, it has brought much younger gamers towards the genre.

World of Warcraft has appealed to people who aren’t normally into gaming. It is quite common for someone to try it because they have a roommate or a friend who has it, and then they themselves become hooked. An academic study, The Daedalus Project by Nick Yee, has examined people who play the multi-player genre. Almost 20% of people now playing these games have had little prior experience in video gaming. World of Warcraft’s role in attracting such people can not be underestimated.

World of Warcraft has appealed to women, who are not the typical audience for multi-player titles. Women either actively seek the game out, or try it because their boyfriend or husband is a fan. Around half of the women who play games like Warcraft are playing with their partner. In general, women now make up around a third of the overall number of people who play online multi-player games. World of Warcraft is often the key title in introducing them to the genre.

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How Addictive Is World Of Warcraft ?

World of Warcraft has many strengths as a game, and one of its most famous qualities is how addictive it is. It is one of the most enthralling games around – there’s an element to it that just grips you and makes it difficult to stop playing. As a result, the game is a truly fascinating experience, and many people have become hooked on the fantasy world of Azeroth.

People tend to play World of Warcraft for long periods of time. The game has an internal clock and through that you can calculate how long you have been playing it for, in hours and days. A typical player of online games might spend around 24 hours per week online. World of Warcraft is so compelling that some people play 24 hours in one session. Players become so mesmerised with the game that they just keep going, and can spend an entire day inside its world.

World of Warcraft is an online multiplayer game, a genre that tends to be very addictive by nature. One of the reasons why this particular game is so addictive is because it’s popular. Sometimes multiplayer games peter out because not enough people are playing them, and they need many people in their world to be interesting.

World of Warcraft however has been continually popular since its launch. This has ensured that it is as busy as is needed and is full of opportunities for interaction.

World of Warcraft is essentially endless. Even though the game has a final level, the experience doesn’t end once you’ve reached it and completed it. There are other challenges to do. The game’s developers, Blizzard, are constantly updating the game and adding new material and content. This ensures that its world is forever changing and expanding. The constant stream of new players also keeps the game community varied, as there are always new characters to meet.

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World of Warcraft : The Burning Crusade

The Burning Crusade is the first of probably many expansions for World of Warcraft. Below are the details of what this expansion will add to the game.

Increased level cap

Level cap will be increased to 70. 10 more talent points, expanded talent trees.

New Playable Races Introduced in The Burning Crusade

Blood Elves – a faction of former High Elves that wield demonic magic, join the Horde in the expansion. Their capital is Silvermoon City.

Draenei – a faction of uncorrupted Eredar led by Velen, join the Alliance. Their capital city is Exodar.

New Zones

Blood Elf starting zones in Quel’Thalas

* Eversong Forest
* Sunstrider Isle
* Ghostlands

Draenei starting zones in Kalimdor

* Azuremyst Isles

Outland – the entire new continent of Outland, reachable through the Dark Portal. Outland will be about half the size of one of the existing continents.

* Hellfire Peninsula
* Bone Wastes
* Netherstorm
* Zangarmarsh
* Blade’s Edge Mountains
* Nagrand
* Terokkar Forest

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History of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been an extraordinary success since its launch in November 2004. It has impressed game critics and has captivated millions of players, who adore the world that the game has created. It is no longer just a game but is now a genuine phenomenon, and one that shows no signs of abating. It is one of the key games of recent times, and stands as a landmark title for online gaming.

World of Warcraft’s appeal lies in that it has created a truly engaging online world. This massively multiplayer online role-playing game is set in the world of Azeroth, a fantastic land that is filled with heroes and monsters and many other creatures. The game’s strength is that it functions as an experience, as a world that exists on its own terms that you may visit and explore as you please.

World of Warcraft is the 4th title in the series of Warcraft games, which have been entertaining people for over a decade. The series began in 1994 with the game Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, a real time strategy game set in Azeroth. This was a fine title, and a good introduction to the series, but in truth the franchise was just getting started. The best was still to come.

Indeed, it wasn’t until 1995 and the release of the second game, Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness, that the series really found its voice. Warcraft 2 was a masterpiece, and it improved on the original in every sense. The game had beautiful graphics, epic storytelling and fascinating, absorbing gameplay. The high standards of the series continued in 2002, with the release of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. This was another classic and a remarkable game in its own right. The predecessors of World of Warcraft were all superb.

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Role of The Druid in WOW

Of the many different character classes in WOW, each having a different accepted role, there is one lauded as superior by those who play them, and scoffed at by those around them. There are a few responsibilities that must be filled for a group of adventurers to succeed in a dungeon. There must be a “tank,” someone who gets the attention of the monsters they are attempting to kill. A healer is important to keep the group alive. There are damage dealers who are primarily responsible for slaying the monsters in melee or from a distance. Characters in charge of crowd control stall certain targets to make taking down others easier.

Each class generally fills one role with ease and can switch to another if it is needed. The Warrior, for example, is first and foremost a tank. Warriors are given the most abilities to generate and maintain the focus of the foe. But in a group with two warriors, or if another class wants to try their hand at tanking, the warrior can be used as a damage dealer. The WOW Paladin, normally used in instances as a healer and support character, can generate cause enough threat to hold the targets attention.

The Druids of Azeroth, made up of the Night Elf and Tauren populations, have an interesting mix of abilities. To WOW, they are the shape shifting Jack of all Trades. They can heal the party, with efficiency topped only by the Priest. In Cat Form they can deal melee damage and sneak around their enemies with the guile of a Rogue. If shifted into Bear Form, they are capable of performing tanking roll of a Warrior. While in Moonkin Form, they can dole out massive damage by raining down arcane and nature spells on the target. This wide range of abilities makes the druid the ideal member of any party, if one person fails, the druid can switch over to the vacated role and pick up the slack.

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Playing a Pally – A bad dream VS Fun to play

Featuring: Maniacu (pally gentleman on Azgalor – US server) the writer & Luciass (warlock lady on Azgalor – US server) the lady with a big BAT forcing me to write :|

DISCLAIMER: If you don’t like this article go and cry more about it, or FORMAT u’r PC using a big SLADGE HAMMER (for that ask Pysical – he can dual them :O)

P.S. I’m sure I’ll miss some things that I want to talk about but I’m not good at writing an article and I’m awful at English so there is no room for thinking.

Life of a pally. Starting with the beginning, all good and wonderful till … *sight* you see all that classes that races awwww ooooo ummmmm then u see the pally class …..

Guardians of the Holy Light and defenders of the Alliance, paladins bolster their allies with holy auras and blessing to protect their friends from harm and enhance their powers. Wearing heavy armor, they can withstand terrible blows in the thickest battles while healing their wounded allies and resurrecting the slain.

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To mule or not to mule …

As I leveled up my first character to level 60 I saw that I was vendoring a lot of Quest Items as well as green loot to make cash. In addition I also vendored a lot of tradeskill items that would have been beneficial to my future alts that may have related professions. As I progressed through the game it became clear that I needed to create a system for myself so I wouldn’t waste the items I found throughout my leveling. Hence, smart muling.

The concept of smart muling isn’t having one mule that carries all your stuff, its having many mules that carry specific items. I’m sure most people have a similar system but in World of Warcraft smart muling really pays off because of the economy and ease of re-rolling.

This guide is part 1 of a 3 part guide which includes Smart Muling, Smart Tradeskilling and Smart Alt Progression. Each guide builds upon foundations and recommendations made in the previous guide.

Mule Creation

Create your mules relatively soon after you create your main playable character and name your mules accordingly. You’ll need one mule for the Auction House, one mule for smith goods, one mule for herb goods, one mule for recipes, etc. I like to name my mules logically. If you’re going to make your first mule to hold your mining supplies, name him something like ‘smithgoods’ or ‘miningstuff’. This will save you frustration when things start to get complex later on.

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Racial Issues in WOW

WOW is based on Azeroth, a setting in a fantasy universe with some distinct similarities to our world. Some of the coincidences are kitschy, funny even. But at the heart of these japes lies something a bit darker. Blizzard sets up a world where it is easy to hate the players on the other side of the game. From that hate can spring the hate of people and races existing in our World. Blizzard was not always kind to the people they represent with the races in their game.

There are two sides a player must choose when beginning to play WOW. The Horde is made up of Orc, Trolls, Tauren and the Undead. The Alliance consists of Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes and Night Elves. From the very beginning, players are set opposed to each other. The players of the alliance share a common language, as do the horde. Interaction between the two factions is limited to ‘emotes’ some visual, some purely textual motions or gestures the players can make such as cowering, waving, and spitting on the other gamers. Often times in such encounters, there is no time for even rudimentary communication, as players are encouraged and rewarded for slaying members of the opposing faction on sight.

Most people can see the game for what it is, entertainment. Yet some of the players are absorbed by the game and lose perspective on reality. After repeatedly being killed by members of the opposing faction, the rage can build to a point where a player may begin threatening another with real physical attacks. Blizzard set policies in WOW to punish those who threaten others, but the hatred for the opposing faction is never sated, always mounting.

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