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Weapon Secondary Stat Hotfixes in Aberrus Raid

Some hotfixes have been pushed which changes the secondary stats on most Aberrus Raid weapons!

One-Handed Weapons

WeaponOld StatsNew Stats
Proctor's Tactical CleaverHaste/CritHaste/Mastery
Wallclimber's Incursion HatchetCrit/VersHaste/Vers
Fang of the Sundered FlameVers/CritMastery/Crit
Hellsteel MutilatorHaste/VersCrit/Vers
Zskarn's Autopsy ScalpelCrit/MasteryNo Change
Claws of the Blazing BehemothMastery/HasteCrit/Vers
Bloodfire Extraction ConduitHaste/VersHaste/Crit
Lavaflow Control RodHaste/VersCrit/Haste
Scholar's Thinking CudgelVers/HasteCrit/Haste
Rionthus's Bladed VisageHaste/CritCrit/Mastery

Ranged Weapons

WeaponOld StatsNew Stats
Brutal Dragonslayer's TrophyCrit/HasteHaste/Mastery
Failure Disposal CannonHaste/MasteryMastery/Vers

Off-Hands and Shields

WeaponOld StatsNew Stats
Echo's Maddening VolumeMastery/HasteHaste/Mastery
Thadrion's Erratic ArcanotrodeMastery/HasteCrit/Haste
Calamity's HeraldMastery/HasteCrit/Haste
Experiment 1, KitewingVers/CritNo Change

2-Handed Weapons

WeaponOld StatsNew Stats
Djaruun, Pillar of the Elder FlameHaste/MasteryCrit/Mastery
Infernal ShadelanceHaste/MasteryHaste/Crit
Erethos, the Empty PromiseVers/HasteHaste/Mastery
Obsidian Stirring StaffVers/MasteryHaste/Vers
Ashkandur, Fall of the BrotherhoodMastery/CritNo Change

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