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Weapon Models in Shadowlands Chains of Domination

Overview of the new weapon models in Chains of Domination, including items from the Maw Raid, Broker Dungeon, and Jailer mace.

PTR 9.1 Build 38312 Datamining

Primus Identity Revealed - SPOILERS

Last Two Bosses of Sanctum of Domination Drop Higher Item Level Loot

Battle Pet Cap Removed

Encounter Journal & Loot

Apr 16th Raid Testing

Garrosh Hellscream in Torghast

Bonus Rolls in Patch 9.1

Sanctum of Domination Raid Boss List

Sanctum of Domination Mythic Raid Mount - Vengeance

Patch 9.1 PTR Patch Notes

Separate Shoulder Transmog

New Renown Rewards & Titles

New Torghast Layers & Achievements

PTR Updated to Patch 9.1

Class & Systems Changes

Speculated Night Fae Druid Legendary

Spell & Soulbind Changes

Covenant Specific Legendaries

New Soulbind Tiers, Conduit Slots, & Abilities

Conduit Changes


Patch 9.1 Covenant Armor Sets

Cosmetic Eyeglasses

Weapon Models

Oribos Skybox Turned Black

Remnant of Ner'zhul Boss Model

Creature & NPC Models

New Mount Models

Archon Model

Covenant Pepe Models

Thrall Model

The Primus Model

Sylvanas Banshee Model

Character Weapons








Axe 1H - Raid

Axe 2H - Dungeon

Axe 2H - Raid

Bow - Raid

Crossbow - Dungeon

Gun - Raid

Glaive - Dungeon

Glaive - Raid

Fist Weapon - Dungeon

Fist Weapon - Raid

Dagger - Dungeon

Dagger - Raid

Mace 1H - Dungeon

Mace 1H - Raid

Offhand - Dungeon

Offhand - Raid

Polearm - Maw Boss

Polearm - Raid

Shield - Dungeon

Shield - Raid

Staff - Raid

Sword 1H - Dungeon

Sword 1H - Raid

Sword 2H - Raid

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