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April Fools! –Transportation Tensions Mount as Flightmasters Face ‘Flyt’

Flightmasters have long been fixtures on the faces of Azeroth, Outland, and (more recently) Draenor, giving weary travelers a lift to their next destination in exchange for coin. Heroes in need of rides to their next adventure have come to count on these Flightmasters’ familiar greetings and steadfast reliability. Safety experts report that these ubiquitous Hippogryphs and Wyverns are still among the safest ways to travel, with incidents of passengers simply dropping down to the world “rarer than ever.” But as times change and more travel options become available to the heroes of Azeroth, these stalwart Flightmasters are beginning to feel the pinch.

Enter the service known simply as “Flyt,” which allows customers to simply whisper their destination to a central operator. Flyt then automatically connects travelers with a nearby “transporters” who will shuttle the customer via passenger mounts or portals to their destination—often for just a fraction of the cost of a Flightmaster, and in many cases much faster.

For one Flyt patron in Goldshire, the service has fully replaced Flightmasters as his transport method of choice.

“[Flightmasters] charge as much as 1 gold 10 silver per ride and you’re limited on where they can take you. I’ve no time for that! But with a quick whisper I’m on my way to my next destination for less. It’s just so convenient.”

Tensions are high, and in a statement, Flightmasters of Azeroth (FoA) spokesdwarf Brolan Galebeard made it clear that a strike might be the only way to demonstrate how valuable their services are.

“We may not have a choice but to go on strike to put additional pressure on Flyt and show how difficult it can really be to keep up with the high AprilFools2016-Flyt_WoW_LBThumbS1_JM_260x130.jpgdemands of Azeroth’s heroes. We know [heroes are] necessary for the ongoing survival of Azeroth, but we need to show them that we are too. The role we play is vital to keeping Azeroth going, and Flyt threatens the reliable, safe, and stable system we’ve worked hard to establish over many years. We intend to demonstrate that our service is second to none, and that we’ll get you there eventually.”

Only time will tell the outcome of this volatile situation, but transportation experts suspect that Flyt’s services may force the FoA to make changes to keep up with the times—or risk becoming yet another antiquated system.

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