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TCG: Darkmoon Faire in London

This weekend, the Darkmoon Faire will be held in London! For two days, from October 20 to 21, Blizzard and Upper Deck will join forces to present players with a fun World of Warcraft Trading Card Game event. Players will be able to compete for great prizes in epic TCG battles. Draft, Constructed, and Lazy Peon tournaments will also be available for participants to show their skills or to learn more about the game. For those who want a break from the card game, other World of Warcraft events, such as in-game leveling contests, races, and PvP contests will be available.

For full coverage, check out our overview of the Real Life Darkmoon Faire. Also, you can learn more about what will be going on in London at the Upper Deck World of Warcraft TCG website.

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