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Sha’tar Page Added!

Shattrath was once the draenei capital of Draenor. Its name means “dwelling of light.” When the Burning Legion turned the orcs against the draenei, the fiercest battle was fought there. The draenei fought tooth and nail, but in the end, the city fell. The city was left in ruins and darkness until the Sha’tar arrived. The Sha’tar, whose name means “born from light”, are the naaru who came to Outland to fight the demons of the Burning Legion. The naaru were drawn to the ruins of Shattrath City, where a small remnant of the draenei priesthood conducted its rites inside a ruined temple. The priesthood, known as the Aldor, quickly regained its strength as word of the Sha’tar’s arrival spread. Reconstruction of Shattrath was soon underway.

Learn more about this Burning Crusade faction at our Sha’tar Rewards page!

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