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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

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The Kurenai are a group of Broken who have escaped the grasp of their various slavers in Outland. They recently took possession of Telaar, a town in the far south of Nagrand. Unlike many other Broken, the Kurenai are trying their best to overcome their demonic taint. Nevertheless, despite their noble intent, the Kurenai are cautious toward all outsiders, who sometimes mistake the Kurenai for their wretched brethren…

South of Zangarmarsh lie the grassy plains of Nagrand, homeland of the orcs. Travelers following the northeastern roads of Nagrand will come upon a settlement of brown-skinned orcs: a place called Garadar. This village belongs to the Mag’har, a group of orcs who managed to escape any form of demonic corruption. Though they endured great change, the Mag’har have retained their traditional way of life. Nonetheless, the Mag’har are far from safe…

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