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Mount Models for The War Within – Fire Bees, Fireflies, Lynxes, Wild Unicorns

The War Within first alpha build adds dozens of new mount models to the game, including Fireflies, Wild Unicorns, Lynxes, and more!

Cloud Gryphons

Mole Rats

Fire Bee


Earthen Paladin Mount

Earthen Ram

Earthen Horse


Shadow Elemental

Skittering Spider






Vicious War Mount Horde

Vicious War Mount Alliance



The War Within Alpha

Talent Calculator Live

Talent Tree Updates

WoWCast Dev Chat

Warbands Preview

TWW Gear Store

Collectors Edition Preorder

Content Features

Isle of Dorn Storyline

The Fate of Dalaran

Warbank Preview

Warband Rewards

Arachnophobia Toggle

464 Dragonriding Mounts

Mythic+ Role Achievements

Classes, Dungeons, & Raids

Major Class & Talent Changes

Diplomacy Racial Removed

Druid Flight Form Dragonriding

Earthen Racials & Heritage Armor

More Dracthyr Classes Soon™

Heroic Raid Week Returns

S1 Mythic+ Dungeon Rotation

Dungeon Encounters & Abilities

Nerubar Palace S1 Raid Zone

First Look at Delves

Legendary Companion Trinket


Fireflies, Unicorns, & Bee Mounts

Alleria, Anduin, Moria, Magni NPCs

Arathor Armor & Weapon Sets

Pointed and Round Ear Customizations

Harronir Race Customizations

Earthen Allied Race Customizations

Death Knight Tier

Druid Tier

Evoker Tier

Hunter Tier

Monk Tier

Paladin Tier

Rogue Tier

Warrior Tier

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