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Midsummer Fire Festival

Across Azeroth and Outland, brilliant bonfires have been lit to rekindle peoples’ spirits and ward off ancient evils. Each year, new guardians are chosen to watch over the sacred flames and ensure that they are never extinguished.

Called "Flame Keepers" or "Flame Wardens," these chosen few request the aid of brave adventurers to traverse the land and journey into the dark recesses of Azeroth's dungeons. It is rumoured that any heroes who are willing to brave the terrors placed before them will be rewarded for their efforts through the power of the flames.


  • When:   June 21st-July 4th
  • Where:   All over Azeroth and Outland.
  • Learn More:   Wowhead, Wowpedia


The festivities have begun as the citizens of Azeroth and Outland celebrate the hottest of seasons by playing with fire all across their worlds! The fire festival is one of the most PvP-heavy events in the land, so strap into your gladiator gear and get ready to desecrate or defend the Midsummer bonfires. As with most holidays, you'll want to stop by a capital city to begin the event’s main quests, including the ever-fun torch tossing challenges. While in each of the capital cities, be on the lookout for enemy players; stealing the flames from capital city bonfires is a necessary step in achieving everything you can from this once-a-year event. Through your participation in festival quests, you'll collect Burning Blossoms, a special holiday currency you’ll spend to purchase various items and pets available from Midsummer suppliers and merchants.

  • Burning Blossoms: Burning Blossoms are the currency used for the Fire Festival. You can collect Burning Blossoms by completing quests, including the festival's daily quests.
  • Seasonal Boss: the Frost Lord Ahune: Characters of level 85 or higher can use the Dungeon Finder to do battle with Ahune, the Frost Lord. Ahune can only be confronted during the Fire Festival. Once Ahune is defeated, you'll be able to loot his special rewards, including epic items and a Frigid Frostling pet.
  • Dancing Around the Ribbon Pole: At every festival camp, one of these traditional decorations stands tall beside the bonfire. Take up one of the multi-colored ribbons and dance around the pole with your friends and fellow celebrants!
  • By Fire Be Blessed: Touching any bonfire will cleanse an individual of nearly all ailments. Toss burning blossoms into the fire, and the resulting flare will bless you with a temporary but useful buff!
  • Snuffing Out The Flames: Members of the Horde and Alliance can visit the bonfires of the opposing faction and snuff them out, depriving their enemies of the blessings of the fire spirits! Take care, because each side will defend its own flames.
  • Fire Juggling: Speak with the Master Fire Juggler near your capital's bonfire in order to juggle flaming torches in this daily quest!
  • Fire in the Sky: The lengthy Midsummer Fire Festival traditionally ends with the sky itself being set alight. The goblins of Undermine have lent their considerable skill (and copious amounts of gunpowder) to the task, resulting in a tremendous fireworks show!
  • Merchants & Vendors: These party profiteers will trade Burning Blossoms for food, festive clothes, a pet, and more!


  • Frigid Frostling: A frost elemental pet you can find in a Satchel of Chilled Goods on Ahune’s dead body.
  • Spirit of Summer: This spell to summon this wisp companion is taught by a Captured Flame, which can be bought for 350 Burning Blossoms from Midsummer Merchants.
Vanity items:
  • Tabards: You can find Tabards of Summer Flames or Summer Skies if you defeat the Frost Lord Ahune.
  • Huge Snowballs: Enjoy a big snowball fight with your friends by throwing these at other players!
  • Brazier of Dancing Flames: This pedestal is available from Midsummer Merchants for 350 Burning Blossoms; it will ignite a fiery, dancing female draenei who reacts to player emotes when targeted.
  • Mantle of the Fire Festival: These beautiful burning shoulder pads are part of the Midsummer Reveler set and are available from Midsummer Merchants for 100 Burning Blossoms.
  • Vestment of Summer: This item is part of the Midsummer Reveler set and is available from Midsummer Merchants for 100 Burning Blossoms. Using it will light up your hands for more festive dance moves.
  • Sandals of Summer: These shoes are part of the Midsummer Reveler set, and are available from Midsummer Merchants for 200 Burning Blossoms. They will set your feet on fire!
  • Handful of Summer Petals: This quest reward can also be bought from Midsummer Merchants for 2 Burning Blossoms. It will shower a nearby target with a cascade of summer flowers!
  • Juggling Torch: Throw a Juggling Torch at any targeted area. Anyone who knows how to juggle torches can catch this quest reward where it lands.
  • Seasonal Food & Drinks: A number of seasonal dishes can be bought or found; many of them offer buffs to the Azerothian gourmet. Examples include: Fiery Festival Brew, Elderberry Pie, Midsummer Sausage, Toasted Smorc, Fire-Toasted Bun, Bags of Smorc Ingredients, and Lord of Frost's Private Label.


  • Achievements: the Midsummer Fire Festival currently offers a total of 175 achievement points, split over 16 achievements and 1 meta-achievement. Please note that all objectives for Achievements between the Horde and Alliance are relatively the same, though they have some minor differences.
  • Titles: If you complete six Achievements for this event (The Fires of Azeroth, Ice the Frost Lord, King of the Fire Festival, Desecration of the [Alliance/Horde], Burning Hot Pole Dance, Torch Juggler), your character will gain the tile of Flame Warden (Alliance) or Flame Keeper (Horde).


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