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Map of Zaralek Caverns – Embers of Neltharion Patch 10.1 PTR

The first Patch 10.1 build adds the new Embers of Neltharion zone map, Zaralek Caverns.

Dragonflight Patch 10.1 PTR

Patch 10.1 PTR Patch Notes

Edit Mode Updates

Talent Calculator Now Updated

Meet the Niffen

Returning Drogbar

Map of Zaralek Cavern

Winter's Veil Holiday Updates

PvP Updates Bluepost

Balance & Feral Bluepost

Class & Spell Changes

Class & Spell Changes

New Evoker Spec Datamining

BWL Class Calls in Aberrus

Mythic+ Dungeon Tuning

Aberrus Raid Boss List (Spoilers)

Rare Raid Drops - Class Trinkets


Class Specific Weapons

Ashkandur, Fall of the Brotherhood

Aberrus Raid Weapons

Black Dragon Weapons

Outdoor Dragon Armor

Shadowflame Fyrakk Model

Updated Neltharion Model

More Creature Models

New Dragon Models

Baby Creatures

Crystal Snail Mounts

Dragon-Lizard Mount

Tier Set Appearances

Death Knight Tier Tints

Druid Tier Tints

Hunter Tier Tints

Mage Tier Tints

Monk Tier Tints

Paladin Tier Tints

Priest Tier Tints

Rogue Tier Tints

Shaman Tier Tints

Warlock Tier Tints

Warrior Tier Tints

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