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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Free Blizzcon Tickets, Twitch Subscriptions and Turbo – Oh My!

To ensure that StarCraft II continues to offer a smooth experience for players when Patch 2.1.4 goes live, we’re looking for some extra help testing on the PTR, and that’s where you come in. When you test the new features on the PTR in all the various game modes (Matchmaking, Custom Games, Arcade, vs AI) and reach level 5, you’ll become eligible to win some awesome prizes.

How to Qualify

You’ll have from 19:00 CET on August 26, 2014 to 9:00 CET on September 23, 2014 to reach level 5 on the StarCraft II PTR in order to become eligible for the prizes below. You can check out the official rules here: Patch 2.1.4 PTR Participation Giveaway – Official Rules.

Prizes for participation

To all players who reach level 5 on the PTR:

  • A one month subscription for Twitch Turbo

To 50 random players who reach level 5 on the PTR:

  • A Twitch subscription for WCS EU/AM

To one random player who reaches level 5 on PTR:

  • A pair (2) of 2014 BlizzCon tickets

How to Get In

Accessing the Public Test Realm is easy with the Battle.net Desktop App. Once you've installed and logged into the App, select StarCraft II from your list of games. Next, click the region selection box above the Play button, choose "PTR: Heart of the Swarm" from the dropdown list, and hit Install. If you own a copy of StarCraft II but don’t see a PTR option available, you can enable PTR access by going to Battle.net Account Management and selecting the Public Test Region button under your game license. Once your installation is complete, hit Play to launch the PTR and start digging in to all of the goodies mentioned above.


If you'd like to switch back to the current version of StarCraft II, simply exit the game and head back to the Battle.net App to switch the region selector back to your preferred Battle.net region.

Please note that the Public Test Realm can only be accessed through the Battle.net Desktop App as outlined above. Attempting to launch “StarCraft II Public Test.exe,” found in your StarCraft II installation folder will not grant entry into the PTR.

Download the Battle.net App

Thank you very much for helping us test upcoming StarCraft II features on the Public Test Realm. Your participation will be vital during this extended testing period as we prepare to roll out StarCraft II Patch 2.1.4.

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