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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Elite PvP Weapon Upgrades Possibly Removed in Patch 9.1 – 2100 Rating Required for Max Weapon Upgrades?

On the Patch 9.1 PTR, we've noticed that the Conquest PvP Weapons only have 5 Upgrade Ranks, compared to the 6 Upgrade Ranks on live. Could the Elite PvP Weapon Tier be removed in Patch 9.1?

PvP Weapons Show 5 Upgrade Ranks on PTR

If you log on the PTR and look at the PvP Weapon tooltips, you'll notice that they currently only show 1/5 Upgrade Ranks, compared to the 1/6 Upgrade Ranks that weapons have on live.

Live PvP WeaponPTR PvP Weapon

Elite Weapon Rank Removed in Patch 9.1?

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