Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 PTR Datamined Class Changes Build 47621

Here are the datamined class and spell changes for the 10.0.5 PTR build 47621.

While some of these are live hotfixes, others are brand new to the PTR.

Class ToolsBalanceTalentsFeralTalentsGuardianTalentsRestorationTalents

Talents (8)

 Rake damage increased by 25%30%, and Rake causes an Infected Wound in the target, reducing the target's movement speed by 20% for 12 sec.
Effect #2 Effect #2 Apply Aura: Modifies Damage/Healing Done
Value: 2530%
Affected Spells:

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