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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Datatmined Mythic+ Tuning 10.2 PTR – Black Rook Hold Buffs

In yesterday's 10.2 PTR build, Black Rook Hold got some buffs on Mythic+ difficulty.

Black Rook Hold

Ghostly Retainer's Soul Blade periodic damage reduced by 25%

Ghostly Councilor's Soul Blast damage increased by 7%

Lord Etheldrin Ravencrest and Amalgam of Souls's Soul Echoes damage increased by 10%

Lord Etheldrin Ravencrest's Spirit Blast's damage increased by 10.7%

Tarspitter Grub's Strike Down's damage amplification increased to 30% (was 20%)

Amalgam of Souls

Soul Burst - Damage increased by 9%

Soul Echoes - Damage increased by 10%

Lady Velandras Ravencrest

Glaive Toss - Damage increased by 25%

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