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Community Spotlight: Sparty Smallwood

As the story goes, way back in early 2005, a man named Sparty Smallwood created a guild called Death Jesters with one goal: defeat every boss in World of Warcraft while each boss was still considered current content. His legend then grew to include the rumor that he obtained the only Corrupted Ashbringer to ever drop on his realm.

Along the way, Sparty started streaming on Twitch.TV, chronicling everything from his first steps into every new raid dungeon in the game to his recent acquisition of the Ashes of Al’ar after years of visits to Kael’thas Sunstrider. He’s now a force to be reckoned with on Twitch, amassing 33,000 followers at last count, and quickly approaching three million total views.

Most importantly, Sparty is a stalwart player advocate. In myriad ways, he steers his online activities toward his personal motto, “Building a better community – one raider at a time”. Sparty is a constant source of help for players who come to his community with the desire to learn and improve the skills required to be successful in endgame content.

Sparty and his fiancée Dreaz, by Faebelina

Like many successful streamers, Sparty is candid and philosophical. Whether holding forth on the subject of bad raid nights (“You can’t have the best game of your life, every game. What is important is that you know how to recover…”) or finding a guild (“Regardless of your progression, your raiding background, or how long you’ve been playing, that dream home, that community you’re looking for, is waiting for you.”), he tirelessly advocates for empathy and positive thinking among players.

It’s a winning combination.

Check out Sparty Smallwood on Twitch.TV, Facebook, and Twitter today and perhaps you’ll be the next to build a better community.

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