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BlizzCon 2015 Ticket Purchasing Guide

The first batch of BlizzCon 2015 tickets goes on sale Wednesday, April 15 at 7 p.m. PT. When the time comes, hit the link below for your chance to snag some.

Get BlizzCon 2015 Tickets Here
Tickets usually go fast, so if you want to attend this year’s show, it pays to be prepared. Ticket sales are once again being handled through Eventbrite this year, and a few things are different from 2014. It’s worth reading our BlizzCon Ticket Info page to get an overview, but if you want more details on how it works, check out this handy guide.

What Information You’ll Need to Provide

You’ll want to have the following information handy when you’re buying BlizzCon tickets:

  • Your information: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Character name (optional)
  • Credit card information, including billing information (Country, Address, City, State, Zip Code)
  • Your friends’/family’s information: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Character Name (optional)—note that you’ll be able to go back and change these until August 14.

What’s New for 2015

A few changes are in store for ticket buyers this year, including updates to how tickets are delivered based on BlizzCon 2014 feedback, as well as some changes to the Eventbrite purchasing process.

Barcodes Delivered Immediately—This year, ticket buyers and attendees will receive the bar-code emails used to claim their badges immediately after purchasing tickets. In addition, bar codes will be accessible via the ticket purchaser’s Eventbrite account, where they’ll be available to view or reprint at any time. Buyers should note that bar code emails will also be sent to whoever you assign your tickets to, so if you’re not yet certain who’s coming, you might want to assign tickets to your own email address for now. (You’ll have until August 14 to make attendee changes.)

Eventbrite Updates—Eventbrite has made some updates to their waiting room that should help make the experience smoother for BlizzCon hopefuls. This year, people in the waiting room will no longer be sent back to the event page if their turn comes up but the number of tickets they requested is not available. Instead, they’ll remain in the waiting room and retain their position in line until another order for the quantity of tickets they requested is released back for sale. For example, if you requested 4 tickets and reach the front of the line, the next time an order for 4 tickets is released, you’ll have first dibs. (Keep in mind this also means you won’t be able to select a different, lower ticket quantity if you reach the front of the line and the ticket quantity you requested isn’t available.)

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Head to the Eventbrite ticketing page, and choose the quantity of tickets you wish to purchase from the drop-down menu (4 ticket per household limit).

Step 2:
Click Order Now. If all tickets have been claimed, buyers may find themselves in line in a “waiting room” while others complete their purchases—see the “What’s New for 2015” section above for more details. Keep in mind that being in the waiting room doesn’t necessarily mean you’re guaranteed tickets.

Step 3: Once you’re in the checkout and registration process, you’ll have 8 minutes to complete your purchase. A countdown will be displayed on-screen so you know how much time you have remaining. After 8 minutes, the tickets will be released for others to buy, drawing from those in the waiting room.

Step 4: Fill out the Ticket Buyer information (your name and email) to purchase the tickets. Make sure you enter a valid email address that you use regularly, as important event communications (including your badges) will be emailed to this address.

Step 5: Enter your credit card information. Remember, you will need to have this card at the convention if you need to make changes on-site. See the Badge Information page for more information.

Step 6: Enter your name and email address for the first ticket (or your friend/family member’s information if you’re purchasing a ticket for someone other than yourself), and character name (optional). If you don’t have that information now, just enter your own name and email for now—you’ll have until August 14 to make changes.

*NEW FOR 2015* When entering attendee names and emails here and in Step 9, keep in mind that tickets will be sent to both the purchaser’s email address as well as the email addresses assigned to each ticket immediately upon completing your purchase.

Step 7: Check the box to agree to the waiver. If you do not agree, you cannot proceed with purchasing BlizzCon tickets. Remember there is a 4-ticket-per-household limit for General Admission BlizzCon tickets.

Step 8: Enter your friends’ or family members’ name and email address for each additional ticket. Again, you’ll have until August 14 to make changes, so just enter your own for now if you need to sort out who’s attending later.

If you do not have that information at the time of purchase, use the drop-down menu to auto-fill the ticket with your own name and email address—or, you can manually enter your own information. Remember you need to do this separately for each additional ticket you’ll be purchasing.

Step 9: You will need to agree to the waiver for each additional ticket you’re purchasing.

Step 10: Once you’ve entered everything, click Pay Now.

Once you click Pay Now, you will be sent to a “processing order” page. Once your order is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite—be sure to check your Spam folder if you don’t see it.

*NEW FOR 2015* Emails containing bar codes to claim badges will be sent immediately upon purchase. All tickets will be sent to both the purchaser’s email address as well as the email address assigned to a ticket.

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased tickets to BlizzCon 2015!

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