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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Basic Botany: Peacebloom vs. Ghouls

We thought we’d take time to shine some light on yet another unique questline that many may have missed on their way to becoming the heroes Azeroth needs. This time, we’re sending you off to the farm, but don’t worry – we’re sure it will all work out fine.

Off the beaten path and tucked into a corner of Hillsbrad Foothills just to the south east of the Dalaran crater, is a little farm with a big problem. There are crazed undead attacking it, and it’s up to you and your elite strategic planting skills to bring down the menace. You’ll gather solar power and plant your defenses to defeat wave after wave of undead culminating in one last hurrah against a very large and angry Warden Stillwater.

Both Horde and Alliance are able to pick up this quest from Brazie the Botanist starting at level 20. If you’re successful, you’ll gain a new and very musical friend, the rare quality Singing Sunflower pet from the quest Lawn of the Dead.

If you’ve played a certain other game, you’ll be familiar with the idea of managing solar power, laying out defenses, and keeping on top of the onslaught of undead. Sometimes sacrifices will need to be made to keep the farm from being taken and you can always start each quest in the series over if things just aren’t panning out for you. Persistence will pay though and if at first you don’t succeed, plant and plant again.


If you haven’t had enough of the farm life, there’s one last quest you can do again and again — Tending the Garden. This is a daily quest that will provide a small amount of silver, some experience, and the joy of defending the farm while combating crazed undead with fierce florae.

If you’re running into issues completing this questline don’t worry, you can head over to Wowhead and check out their handy dandy Peacebloom vs. Ghouls strategy guide.

Factions: Alliance and Horde
Location: Brazie’s Farm, Hillsbrad Foothills
Quests: Basic Botany, Flower Power, Ghouls Hate My Grains, Someone Setup the Pumpkin Bomb, Lawn of the Dead, plus Daily- Tending the Garden

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