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Azeroth’s Six Best Beaches

It's summertime! The Midsummer Fire Festival is in full swing, and everyone is taking trips to faraway places. We traveled all over to put together this rundown of the six best beaches in Azeroth for you. Whether you're going fishing, or looking for treasures, or just want a place to dig your toes into the sand and relax while the sun sets over a sparkling sea, we've got you covered!

#6 -- Longshore (Westfall)

It's one of the biggest beaches on the planet, and it's one of the best. Sure, there are parts of this vast, sandy expanse that seem positively covered in murlocs or naga, but that only adds to its charm. Longshore provides a number of easy activities for the kids (beyond clearing out the murlocs). There are clams to dive for just offshore, and rumor has it that an even greater treasure awaits adventurers who dig deep enough into the local culture.

For the best views from Longshore, head West from Moonbrook until you reach the beach, then go South for a little while. You'll find a spot that has a great view of the lighthouse and is relatively free of aggro from the locals!

Good for:

  • family activities
  • surfing
  • longshoremen
  • clam bakes
  • clam anythings

#5 -- The Forgotten Coast (Silithus)

Yes, that's right, the much-avoided insect infestation known as Silithus is home to a getaway beach that you've got to see to believe. From the middle of the zone, just head West until you find a truly glorious strip of sand and trees on the edge of forever. The Forgotten Coast got its name fair and square, as even my strongest recommendation won't bring more than a handful of tourists to this distant gem.

This beach is so far off the beaten path that your personal map won't be able to deal with most of it. Nonetheless, at the Southern end of The Forgotten Coast, you'll find the sort of solitude and natural beauty that can’t be bought for any price back home. Make sure you bring anything and everything you might need to enjoy your day at the beach. There aren't any NPCs for miles! (1)

Good for:

  • loners
  • people in the witness protection program
  • getting out all of your toys
  • not caring what others think of your toys
  • gear-optional attire

#4 -- Moa'ki Harbor (Dragonblight)

No travel list would be complete without a visit to the great white North ... rend, and coming in at number four is a very different experience for the traveler who's looking for something a bit less tropical. It's Moa'ki Harbor, and it's a fishing community run by the Tuskarr that's as rugged as it is charming.

Once you've set up your fishing chair on the end of one of the sturdy docks, lean back and take a deep breath of the cool, crisp ocean air. The winds blow from the south here, so you'll have no worries about dealing with the stink of Dragonblight. Look around and soak up the Northern beauty as kites fly just overhead. Some of those kites have been flying there for years!

Good for:

  • fishing
  • fishing-related activities
  • activity-related fishing
  • fish
  • tusks

#3 - Echo Isles (Durotar)

This pristine example of Troll homestead land is sitting pretty at number three, and boy is it pretty! It's hard to imagine a better example of sand and sun and surf, with no real threats to bother you and perfect weather all summer long. Small creatures abound here, so bring your own small creatures and turn them loose to chase each other around in relative safety.

For this entry, I want to direct your attention to the far South island in the Echo Isles, and specifically the Southeast corner beach. Have you ever seen a more lovely view of the Great Sea? Probably! But now that you're here anyway, open one of those spiked beverages you've been carrying around in your bags for the last couple of years and get tipsy! You deserve it!

Good for:

  • Trolls
  • people who like echoes
  • Orgrimmar residents who didn't even know this was right there
  • family inactivity
  • cracking open your Archaeology journal for the first time in months
  • napping

#2 - Land’s End Beach (Tanaris)

Ever since the great Cataclysm knocked the entirety of Kalimdor off this list, travelers have asked me "Where can we go to get away from it all?" No matter what "it" is, you can get away from it on this massive white sand beach at the Southern tip of Tanaris. Bring your sunscreen! It's bright out here.

Named for beachgoer Nathan Land, who met his demise here (2), Land’s End Beach has a little something for everyone, as long as everyone wants to be in a desert on the other side of a rocky mountain range from another desert. You’ll wonder at the hot beauty of this place. You’ll wade into the warm waters to find that they don’t really cool you off. You’ll find out once and for all whether or not elves sweat.

Good for:

  • well-lit S.E.L.F.I.E.s
  • experimenting with the fatigue meter
  • doing a /cheer as the sun goes down
  • asking, like, really deep questions, man

#1 - Turtle Beach (Krasarang Wilds)

It’s the best beach in all of Azeroth, and you simply must visit it at your next opportunity. Drop everything and head to this little slice of heaven on the South coast of Pandaria. You won’t find a better view from a beach than this beautiful spot.

To get to Turtle Beach, head to The Incursion in Krasarang Wilds, then head East along the legendary shore until you come to a statue of Liu Lang. Yes, friends, this is the very spot where Liu Lang embarked on his adventures with Shen-zin Su. Furthermore, it’s a beach with a wondrous secret.

Each and every Sunday night, long after the sun has gone down, Turtle Beach is overrun with history as the Wanderer’s Festival takes place. Fireworks light up the sands to mark the arrival of Lorewalker Cho and Lorewalker Shuchun, who are joined by Chen Stormstout and Li Li. The rare Wonderer’s Festival Hatchling pets appear with a thirst for pet battles, but only for a few minutes.

It’s the only beach on the list where you’ll get an achievement (3) just for being there!

Good for:

  • Turtles
  • History students
  • Pet collectors
  • Wanderers
  • Everyone (4)

Life’s a Beach

There you have it: the Top Six Beaches in Azeroth and what they’re each good for. You know what they’re all good for? Fireworks! Before you head out to any beach, fill your bags with your own fireworks display. It’ll be fine! WoWWiki’s fireworks page is a fine resource for locating your nearest sky-boom vendor.

If you don’t want to travel far or have a phobia of handling things that go “BOOM” when lit on fire, then don’t forget to head to the nearest capital city for a firework display you won’t want to miss. Midsummer Fire Festival ends with a bang on July 4 with professionally choreographed displays high above the capital cities at the top of the hour beginning after sundown. Don’t miss it. It’ll be a blast!


What's your favorite beach in Azeroth? Why? No, seriously -- why?

(1) We looked.
(2) This statement almost certainly not correct.
(3) Wanderer’s Festival only available at limited times. Void where prohibited.
(4) Okay probably not Arthas.

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