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The New Worgen Race in World of Warcraft

The New Worgen Race in World of Warcraft

From the depths of every World of Warcraft player’s most avid fantasies, the Worgen race is being added to the game when the new expansion, Cataclysm launches in 2010. The new race – which will be based in Gilneas – is essentially a race of docile werewolves who have been cursed. They can switch between their two forms and will have a variety of different racial abilities that are already being hailed as the most interesting and entertaining racials in the game.

Worgen Classes

The Worgen race will be able to play as any of 8 initial classes, including everything except the Paladin or Shaman. The full list of playable classes includes:

  • Death Knight
  • Druid
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

Additionally, Worgens will have fully customizable facial models, fur, and hair color. More humanized than many previous Worgen models that were introduced to the game in Wrath of the Lich King, the playable Worgens will be a more sympathetic race – due largely to their curse and their hunting by the Forsaken in the nearby Silverpine Forest zone.

Racial Abilities

Besides how cool the Worgen race looks, many players are excited because of the wide array of new racial abilities that are being integrated into the race. Blizzard has publically stated that they want these kinds of specialized abilities to be more fun than they have been in the past and they don’t disappoint with the Worgen.

  • Two Forms – The Two Forms ability will allow Worgens to change between their Human and Worgen forms. This is largely a means of changing your appearance, rather than any form of combat. When entering back into combat, the character will immediately revert back to Worgen form.
  • Flayer – This passive ability will allow you to boost the speed of your skinning, while also adding a +15 to your current skinning skill.
  • Abberation – This passive trait will reduce the duration of all curses and diseases by 15% – a great tool for PvP.
  • Viciousness – This passive ability will increase all damage done by Worgens by 1%. This is a prime skill for DPS classes such as the Mage, Warlock, or Hunter to have.
  • Darkflight – The Darkflight ability will allow you to enter your True Form, which allows you to move 70% faster for 6 seconds. This ability promises to have many applications, especially in PvP play.

Combined, these new abilities are going to make it much more interesting to see how the Worgens play out on the battlefield.

Looking Forward to Cataclysm

When Cataclysm launches, the Worgen will represent an entirely new chapter in the lore of World of Warcraft. With the walls of Gilneas finally opened to the world, Alliance players can play through a prolonged, phased instance style leveling progression for the Worgens, similar to how it worked for Death Knights. This will also ensure that more players will be able to easily enjoy the new race without having to stand by and wait in queues to complete quests.

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