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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

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Preview: Wardrobe Updates

The Legion pre-expansion patch is coming soon, and it’s bringing some big updates to your wardrobe in World of Warcraft.

Watch Cup 3 of the NA Arena Qualifiers VoD Now!

Catch up on the action of Cup 3 of the NA Qualifiers here as The Road to BlizzCon continues.

New Comic: World of Warcraft: Legion #3—"Highmountain: A Mountain Divided"

As the Burning Legion advances across the land, the chieftains of Highmountain gather for a momentous summit. An ancient artifact, the mystic Hammer of Khaz’goroth, may hold the power to protect their territory, but will betrayal threaten the tribes from within?

Preview: Demon Invasions

Today, we’d like to take a closer look at the some of the content that will be coming to Azeroth in the weeks after the pre-expansion patch.

Legion Beta Key Giveaway

Azeroth needs its most valiant heroes for a defiant last stand against the Burning Legion! Take part in our giveaway for the chance to win access to the World of Warcraft: Legion beta test.

New Silence Penalty Coming to World of Warcraft

With the pre-expansion patch for Legion we’ll be introducing a silence penalty for those who engage in disruptive or harassing chat behavior within the game. Read on to learn more.

Time’s Running Out

If you have not yet completed them, there are several activities and rewards that will soon cease to be available to you in World of Warcraft.

Pet Priorities: A Poll

Dozens of new battle pets are waiting to be captured in World of Warcraft: Legion.

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