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Story of Warcraft Wallpaper and Art Updates

New Story of Warcraft Wallpaper

We’ve just released a new wallpaper image featuring art from The Story of Warcraft, a historical record that will bring you up to speed with everything that’s happened in the Warcraft universe since the release of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.

Art Gallery update
We've updated our Trading Card Game art gallery to feature ten new pieces. Each image is taken directly from the official World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.


New World of Warcraft Comic
Last but not least, we've added a new community comic to our gallery submitted by skylar albers david (draycoo).

The Blizzard Comic Contest Is Back!
The time has come for the epic return of the Blizzard Comic Contest! We’re looking for original comics focused on the Warcraft, Diablo, or StarCraft universes... and we want you to create them. Each month, we’ll review your submissions and select one winning comic to receive a prize. We’ll also choose several honorable mentions; winning entries and honorable mentions will be displayed on our comic pages for all the universe to enjoy. You can learn more details about the prizes, read the complete official rules, and submit your comics here.


Did you know?... Submitting Media. Many of the best updates found on our website each week were created by you! Fan Art, Screenshots, Wallpapers, and Comics all come from player submissions, and we want to thank you for your wonderful contributions.

Be sure to give a shout-out to your favorite pieces in the comments below.


Mists of Pandaria: Launch Events Replay and Gallery

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is now live! You can relive the excitement of the European launch events on September 24 by watching the replay of the Digital Launch Event below, which was broadcast live, connecting events and players across the continent. Check out performances from Manao – Drums of China, orchestral music from Mists of Pandaria, interviews with the game’s developers and much, much more! In addition to that you can also take a look at some of the highlights of the show in our gallery on Facebook.

Pearl of Pandaria Now On Sale!

The original graphic novel Pearl of Pandaria is now available! Be sure to pick up this story and meet the Pandaren, the newest playable race in World of Warcraft.

Written by Blizzard’s own Micky Neilson and with art by fan favorite Sean “Cheeks” Galloway, this story follows Li Li Stormstout’s adventures through Azeroth. Li Li comes from a line of adventurers who left their homeland long ago to explore the world, and she wants nothing more than to chase that dream.

But when Li Li runs away to find her famous uncle Chen, how will she survive Azeroth’s perils?

You can find the book on Amazon.com and other comic book retailers, and at the Blizzard Store.

Pearl of Pandaria: The Graphic Novel


Li Li Stormstout has explored all the wonders of the Great Turtle, Shen-zin Su, carefully recording each experience in her personal journal. She has also stored letters from her uncle, Chen, between the journal's worn pages—tales of Chen's high adventures throughout the lands of Azeroth. He departed years ago and wrote often of his exploits, but suddenly and without explanation, the letters ceased.

Soon after her exploration of the Wandering Isle, Li Li will become obsessed with finding Chen. She will strike out from Shen-zin Su to solve the mystery of her uncle's disappearance, and forge her own fantastic tales of excitement and discovery.


The ongoing story of Li Li, Chen, and others will be featured in Pearl of Pandaria, a 128-page graphic novel written by New York Times bestselling author Micky Neilson and illustrated by world-renowned artist Sean "Cheeks" Galloway.

Li Li's adventures will continue in Quest for Pandaria, a four-part novella written by Blizzard's inaugural Global Writing Contest winner, Sally Pine.


For those who wish to avoid spoilers and keep up with the full story, we recommend reading Pearl of Pandaria before Quest for Pandaria. You can pre-order your copy of Pearl of Pandaria here, or wherever fine books are sold!

The path lies ahead. The Wanderer's Way beckons. Enjoy every step of the journey!

Free Character Transfers Available

We’re providing free transfers off of realms that are currently seeing high queue times. If you’re on one of the below realms and would like to avoid waiting in queues to play, you can take advantage of these free transfers. We’ve done our best to match realm types and time zones for a smooth transfer process.

The current transfers will go until approximately 9:00 a.m. PDT, October 4Please be aware that, due to the unpredictable nature of free transfers, we may close down any transfers at any time and without warning if the destination realm becomes full. If you plan to move with friends or your guild, we suggest that you coordinate the effort to reduce the chance of any stragglers being left behind.

Although free Guild Master Realm Transfers are not possible at this time, these free character transfers will allow you to retain your guild membership and reputation, provided the guild master completes a Guild Master Realm Transfer to the destination realm first, and does not change factions.

Early closures aside, this set of Free Character Moves will end on Thursday, October 4.

Source Realm Destination Realm
Frostmourne - Oceanic PvPGundrak - Oceanic PvP
Illidan - Central PvPMug’thol - Central PvP
Kil’jaeden - Pacific PvPFrostwolf - Pacific PvP
Area 52 - Eastern PvE

Velen - Mountain PvE

Exodar - Eastern PvE

Darkspear - Mountain PvPBloodscalp - Mountain PvP
Tichondrius - Pacific PvPDark Iron - Pacific PvP
Stormrage - Eastern PvETrollbane - Eastern PvE
Kel’Thuzad - Eastern PvPAlterac Mountains - Eastern PvP

Characters on a source realms are only eligible to transfer to the destination realm directly across from it.

To take advantage of these transfers log into Account Management, select your World of Warcraft license, and at the bottom click on Free Character Migration. Eligible characters will be listed. Please see the Free Character Migration Disclaimers and FAQ for more info.

We’ll be continuing to closely monitor realm concurrency, and will provide updates should the above transfers be altered, or any new transfers become available.

Introducing the Challenge Mode Leaderboards

And the world's gonna know your name
And you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame

Think you're the fastest at running dungeons? Mists of Pandaria's new Challenge Mode gives you an opportunity to put your speed and teamwork skills to the test. And if you want to know how you rank compared to other players from your realm, you can now view your realm's fastest times by accessing the Challenge Mode Leaderboards in the Community Section.

Once in the leaderboards section, you can view the fastest runs of each dungeon and realm – down to the millisecond. Each party's class makeup and faction is listed, with easy access to individual character profiles. There is also the option to filter by party composition so you can see how you stack up against parties similar to your own.

If you're logged in, the Challenge Mode Leaderboards also offer easy access to your guild's Challenge Mode section, where you can view the top times achieved by members of your guild. In the near future, we will be adding a region-wide leaderboard, as well as a Challenge Mode section in the character profile where you can view your personal bests and medals.

The clock is ticking, so check out the Challenge Mode Leaderboards today!

Other Website Improvements

With the addition of the Challenge Mode Leaderboards, we've completely revamped the Community Section. This page will now give you easy access to:

In the character profile, we've added an area on the Pets & Mounts page to feature your selected Battle Pet slots.

Every voice matters to us. If you like what you see or if you have any suggestions for design tweaks to these updates, we’d love to hear from you. Just post in the comments or on our website forums and let us know what you think.

Pet Battles Q&A with Cory Stockton

On the eve of the release of the biggest expansion in the history of World of Warcraft, I took a few moments to sit down with Blizzard Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton to talk about Pet Battles.

Q: Before we get too far into the depths of this system, let’s elaborate on the basics. What are Pet Battles? How do they work?

Cory Stockton:  Simply put, the Pet Battles system is an extensive mini-game for World of Warcraft. We’ve always wanted to bring mini-games to WoW, but we never found one before this one that felt like it had enough depth, and this was both a good fit and was worth doing.

It’s intended to be something you do in your off-time. It doesn’t reward any player power, but it has many intrinsic rewards such as achievements and pets, and it’s based on a turn-based strategy game that you’re going to be able to play with NPCs and other players. It’s a system that gives purpose to your pet collection, and makes collecting many more pets a fun endeavor.

Even though it’s an optional part of the game, I hope everyone at least tries it out.  We’ve generated a number of new quest lines that guide you through everything about Pet Battles, and it’s got a ton of customization, including the ability to name your pets. There are over 100 new achievements in the game just for Pet Battles.


Q: As a player logging into Mists of Pandaria for the first time at level 85, what do I want to look for?

CS: The Pet Battles system progresses as the zones do, so you’ll go to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and talk to a Pet Battle NPC, who will get you started with your skill, a starter pet, and one battle slot. You’ll then follow a quest flow that will ultimately go with you to Pandaria and through the zones there as you level up to 90.

Q: As a brand new player just getting into World of Warcraft for the very first time, what can I expect?

CS: For one thing, the 100g training cost is going to make it difficult for a new player to get caught up in Pet Battles super-early, and that’s by design, because everyone should learn how to play World of Warcraft first. Having said that, a new alt that can get 100g from another character can start the Pet Battle system at level 5.

From there, the system grows with you if you keep up with it, much like professions do.


Q: Is there going to be a noticeable difference in the experience for players earning Pet Battles levels and finding new pets on PvP realms, as opposed to normal realms?

CS: You’re definitely more vulnerable to attack while doing Pet Battles on a PvP realm, but we’ve accounted for that. If you’re in the Pet Battles UI when an enemy player hits you, you get a shield that absorbs damage for three seconds. You have time to come out of the Pet Battle and take care of business with the other player, and we respawn your pet for you, so you don’t lose it. On PvP realms, we made sure that you can get attacked during Pet Battles, because we didn’t want the system to be an escape from that vulnerability.


Q: A lot of players are going to be coming into this system fresh, having not beta tested it, and may know it primarily by how Blizzard described it six months ago. From a design standpoint, what has changed for the Pet Battles system during the final stretch of the last few months?

CS: We realized that using and mastering the turn-based-strategy-game part of the system wasn’t what players were spending much time and effort on. Rather, players were putting the focus of the system on pet collection and customization. So we shifted toward pet collection and customization late in the design process, and we put a lot of time into the design of quests that guide you through Pet Battles. The system now gives you goals, and with a lot more NPCs to battle, it almost brings a feeling of “boss fights” to Pet Battles.

You’ll find yourself facing an NPC opponent who has all flying pets, for instance, and you’ll have to go find pets that are strong against flying pets in order to get past him. That’s part of a chain of encounters that culminates in unlocking a series of daily quests, and those daily quests reward you with things like XP and chances at hidden pets.

We also changed the experience of fighting in the wild from one where you always only fought one wild pet. You now often fight two or three wild pets. That raised the difficulty of the entire system for the better. I think it’s going to be rewarding to obtain pets you’ve been trying to collect.


Q: When a player is killed by an in-game enemy, the familiar ghost and resurrection sequence follows. What happens to battle pets that are knocked out in battle, and what do players have to do for their pets at that point?

CS: When you learn Battle Pet training you get a spell in your Pet Journal called Revive Battle Pets that will heal and revive all of the pets in your journal on an 8 minute cooldown. You can also talk to any Stable Master and get your pets healed and revived for a small fee. Also, players can acquire Battle Pet Bandages. These are single-use heals that can help fill in those cooldown gaps.

Q: As a player logging into Mists of Pandaria who already has a stable of companion pets that I love, am I going to find ways to make those into the best pets to battle with, or should I expect them to take a backseat to new pets that I’m going to acquire in the weeks to come?

CS: That’s a really important factor to us, and we’re working on it. I don’t think we’re quite ready to disclose all of the details, but I will say this: we’re tracking several additions to the system in future patches, and one of those will be a way to make your favorite little buddy a lot more powerful.

Q: Final question! What’s going to be the pet that you will personally pursue and prize the most?

CS: I have two words for you:

Mini. Infernal.

North America Launch Party — Watch the Live Stream Tonight

While our developers have been digging in deep to craft the content you'll be seeing beyond the parting of the mists, those of us on supporting teams have been plotting a course to respectably usher in this new age of Warcraft with our community.

The Live Stream

To help kick off this journey, the fantastic people at Machinima.com will be live streaming the North American launch party from Irvine, where we'll be joining players to celebrate the arrival of the expansion. The live stream begins at 9 p.m. PDT, so mark your calendars and watch it live here. You can even participate with us on Twitter by following @Warcraft and @Machinima_com. We'll be calling out for the Horde and Alliance among you, and Blizzard’s Chief Storyteller Chris Metzen will be fielding some of your questions live on-stage!

Live Events

If you're in Southern California that evening, get down to the Irvine Spectrum Center and join us for the launch festivities, hosted in partnership with GameStop. We have exciting plans in store for you as we count down the final hours to launch. Here’s some of the stuff we have planned.

  • Blizzard team members will share their thoughts on this World of Warcraft milestone.
  • Gamer/actress Felicia Day will make a special guest appearance with an exclusive look at the upcoming sixth season of The Guild.
  • Plenty of loot giveaways!

We also have a special in-game event planned for bloodthirsty viewers -- a Challenge Mode duel between a team of skilled Blizzard employees and elite Blood Legion guild members! The fastest team wins, and we'll have Blizzard eSports' Rob Simpson shoutcasting with World of Warcraft lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas providing design commentary.


Blood Legion vs. Blizzard: The Elite Guild Speaks

Calling All Cosplayers

How do you have the most fun at a Blizzard celebration event? By showing up in costume, of course! We encourage event attendees to dress up in their best Warcraft-inspired attire. In fact, you could be strutting down the stage in front of the Irvine crowd and Machinima.com audience!  When you arrive, please visit the information desk on-site for more details.

Your Autograph, Please

Box signings begin at midnight PDT on September 25. Both the standard edition and Collector’s Edition will be available for purchase at the launch event -- though quantities are limited and will be available on a first come, first-served basis, so be sure to arrive early to secure your copy. You’ll be able to complete your purchase on the evening of September 24 and then trade in your receipt for a copy of the game at midnight on September 25.

Be sure to keep tabs on our official launch page and check back often, as we’ll be adding more details regarding the night’s festivities and purchasing information in the days leading up to the event.

On a personal note, many of us on the community team will be there and we’re guaranteeing "the awesome." We look forward to chatting with those of you attending, as well as the folks following @Warcraft on Twitter. It's nearly upon us, people!

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