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WoW Summer Challenge: Outland Mount Roundup

Every week this summer, we’re challenging you to get together with a few friends to explore a part of Azeroth that you may not have seen in a while, or perform a feat that you may have never done. We’re calling them World of Warcraft Summer Challenges, and we’re going to be playing along with you as we hunt down rare achievements, get screenshots of amazing bosses, and try to find some rare gear for our transmogrification sets.

This week’s challenge is: Outland Mount Roundup.

The Netherwing, an unusual brood of dragons, was spawned from the eggs of Deathwing's black dragonflight, and infused with raw nether-energies. Now, they seek to find their identity beyond the shadows of their father's destructive heritage.

Mount seekers and thrill seekers alike have long flocked to Outland in pursuit of some of the finest mounts and most robust adventures anywhere. This week, we're getting together with friends who haven't yet mastered all of the mounts available from the Netherwing, Shatari Skyguard, and Kurenai (Alliance) or Mag'har (Horde), and heading to Netherwing Ledge, Skettis, and Nagrand respectively.

Recommended guides:

Noteable Achievements:

Desirable gear

"Kurenai" is Draenei for "redeemed." These Broken have escaped the grasp of their various slavers in Outland and have made their home in Nagrand. It is there that they seek to rediscover their destiny.

Please join us in this discussion thread, where we’re talking about this week’s challenge, and looking forward to your stories about how it went for you this week, your screenshots, and your suggestions for other fun reasons to take on this challenge.

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