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World of Warcraft Calendars on the Blizzard Online Store

Our 2008 World of Warcraft calendars are the perfect way to plan and record the entire coming year’s worth of adventures, appointments, and holidays, whether in the land of Azeroth or otherwise. They are available in both wall and daily versions:

World of Warcraft 2008 Wall Calendar

  • The World of Warcraft wall calendar features screen shots of rich landscapes taken from the game. A special added feature is a set of stickers that can be used to mark game dates and memorable achievements.

World of Warcraft 2008 Desk Calendar

  • The World of Warcraft Year-of-Gear calendar features a different rare weapon or in-game item every day, complete with pictures and specifications. Some are so rare that many players have never seen them before. Each of our boxed daily calendars are filled with over 300 pages of great photographs, illustrations, games and tips, and is attached to an easel that can either sit on a desktop or hang from the wall.

Visit the Blizzard Online Store for these and other great gift ideas!

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