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World of Warcraft Arena Championship Day One Recap

The first day of World of Warcraft Arena play at BlizzCon 2014 is now in the record books, and we've got the results and VODs for you right here.

What follows are SPOILERS! If you'd prefer to watch Day 1 from the beginning, here is the complete VOD of the program.

First and foremost, here are some links to everything you need to follow the action:

Now on to the results:

In the first match of the day, it was Popped CD No Skill (China) vs. 3 Amigos (North America).

Final Score: 3 Amigos WINS 3-1

This was the second loss for Popped CD No Skill in Group A, taking them out of the competition.

In the second match, Push Push (Korea) faced Death Innovators (North America).

Final Score: Push Push WINS 3-1

With their second loss in Group B, Death Innovators was eliminated.

Next up was 3 Amigos (North America) vs. Penny For Your Thought (North America).

Final Score: 3 Amigos WINS 3-2

3 Amigos now face Bleached Bones (Europe) tomorrow in the round-of-four.

In the fourth and final match of the day, Push Push (Korea) vs. Playing with Fire (Europe) decided the final spot in the round-of-four tomorrow.

Final Score: Push Push WINS 3-0

Push Push moves on to meet Skill-Capped EU tomorrow.

The frantic four-team single-elimination final day bracket gets underway tomorrow, Saturday, October 8, at 10:00 a.m. PST. Watch for free in HD at Twitch.TV/Blizzard.

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