Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Toy Hunt: Pet Tricks

We're pulling up a chair and watching some pet tricks in this week’s Toy Hunt where we feature a few toys that you may want to add to your collection.*

Mirror Mirror

Our first toy does something truly remarkable. It makes you look like your pet, and who wouldn't want to do that?

That's right. Everyone wants to do that. The Magic Pet Mirror transforms you into almost any battle pet that you can summon. And it's easy to acquire. Simply purchase it from Giada Goldleash or Tiffy Trapspring in your Garrison for 500 Pet Charms.

Sure, if you don't yet have any Pet Charms, this might not sound like the easiest of tasks. But take it from us -- once you get rolling with the Garrison Menagerie, you'll be flush with charms quicker than an S/S Gilnaen Raven. Check out Wowhead's Guide to the Menagerie for more on everything that awaits you in that corner of your home on Draenor.

I make this look GOOD.

Put a Ring on it

There's nothing like a well-trained pet, and one of the best pet tricks in Azeroth comes with the Cloud Ring.

San Redscale with the Order of the Cloud Serpent in The Jade Forest (Pandaria) has this toy for you for only 250 gold, and all you need is revered reputation with the Order to make the purchase.

The reason you want to go purchase this toy immediately is this: your pets that fly will fly through the ring of clouds that it produces. What could be better?

Did anything about that seem unusual to you?

Take a Seat

Seriously -- take a seat from Nat Pagle himself. He wants you to have a really nice chair. Actually, he wants you to have his personal chair.

Nat's Fishing Chair is a toy that represents a dedicated commitment to fishing, just like everything else related to Nat Pagle. To earn the right to acquire it, you've got to become Nat's best friend. You can do this the old-fashioned way, at Angler's Wharf in Krasarang Wilds (Pandaria), or the new-fangled way in your Garrison's level 2 Fishing Shack.

If you're not already Nat's BFF, we suggest you take a trip to Angler's Wharf and talk to him. Rekindle your relationship and see where it takes you. Then once you max out reputation with him, take a seat! You've earned it.

"You need to relax, learn to take some joy in your work."

*What’s the Toy Box?

Players will find the Toy Box within the Collections interface, which can be accessed via your lower nav bar or by the keyboard command Shift-P. To add a toy to your collection, simply right-click it in your inventory. Once added to the collection, you’ll be able to access it at any time within the Toy Box interface. For additional information and tips on getting started on your collection, check out the guide on Wowhead.

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