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The Top Six Luckiest Places in Azeroth

Spring has sprung, and that time of year has once again arrived when our thoughts turn to four-leafed clovers, baby animals, blossoms, and inexplicably green-tinted beverages. Luck is in the air, but it’s also elusive and short-lived, so you’ve got to take any good fortune you can find! But where to find it?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Come along for a jaunt across Azeroth as we visit the places where you’re most likely to find a little extra luck this time of year, or any time!

#6 – The Wollerton Stead, Stormwind

Just North of the Dwarven District in Stormwind lies this pastoral pumpkin plantation. Dismount and look around between the farm and Olivia’s Pond and you’ll see lots and lots of what many people consider the luckiest creatures in Azeroth: rabbits!

It’s a lucky place to start leveling up your battle pets, sure, but this is also a place you might witness the heartless slaughter of bunnies that aren’t able to do battle. Why would anyone do such a thing? Of course, they’re probably looking for a Rabbit’s Foot. Joke’s on them! Rabbits don’t drop Rabbit’s Foots. If you’re just learning that now, consider yourself lucky for not wasting any time eradicating rabbits!(1)

Good for:
Tons of Woller.
Getting attacked in the prettiest place possible. (Horde only)
Taking part in the ongoing control of the rabbit population.
Proving to yourself that they really don’t drop their own feet.

#5 – Outside of Zul’aman, Ghostlands

Much as we don’t like to admit it, we’re all carrying around objects that we only keep in the hopes of them bringing us good luck. One of the most common of those is the Lucky Rock, which may be of dubitable value, but is hard to discard, once you’ve got one. Sure, it may not be actually bringing you good luck, but what could it hurt?

In all of Azeroth, Lucky Rocks can only be found here, and they can only be found in Primitive Chests, and even then, only rarely. That tells you all you need to know, you know!

Good for:
Practicing lockpicking.
Dubitable value.

#4 – Muskpaw Ranch, Kun-Lai Summit

From the moment we started touring lucky places, you expected this one. This is where Muskpaw Jr. sends you to and from The Yaungol Advance with yaks in exchange for a reward such as Coin of Luck or Luckydo Coin or Coin of Good Fortune. From where do you think these Grummles are getting the coins in the first place?

The answer to that question is, “actually, we don’t know either!” But don’t let that dissuade you from spending some time out here washing yaks. Washing yaks is known to bring good luck. That’s just a fact.(2)

Good for:
Yakking it up.
Yakking it down.
Yakking that yak wash ‘round and ‘round.
Writing embarrassingly bad poetry.

#3 – Isle of Shadows, Shadowmoon Valley

There are a lot of toys to be found in Azeroth and Draenor, and there are as many opinions on which is the luckiest. If you have to pick just one, we suggest the Coin of Many Faces, which is dropped by skeletal individuals in this area, particularly a fellow named Captain Bonerender. It makes you look like someone else, which is always a fortunate feeling.

It’s important to note that you can’t obtain the coin out here unless Hallow’s End is going on. But you can obtain it in the Auction House most any day of the year. But the Auction House isn’t a lucky place, and this is a list of lucky places. Just go with it.

Good for:
Farming Spectral Grog, which is green, which is lucky!
Testing your luck on the nearby Darktide mobs.
They drop a rare battle pet named called Zomstrok.
“Zomstrok” in the Darktide language means “lucky”.(3)

#2 -- Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale

As much gamblin’ and fightin’ and tournament fishin’ goes on here, there has to be plenty of luck to go around. On the specific topic of fishing, you’re not going to find a better place for increasing your good fortune, since this is where you’ll come on Sundays for the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza.

Do you have a Lucky Fishing Hat? No? Well this is the only place to get one, and the only time to get one is while the Extravaganza is going on. All you have to do is bring a Keefer’s Angelfish to the Fishbot 5000 on the docks. It’s very unlikely that you’ll catch one, so when you do, you’re bound to feel like the luckiest person around. Enjoy your hat!

Good for:
Smelling of fish.
Stinking of fish.
Reeking of fish.
Convincing yourself that the fish smell is bringing you good luck.

#1 -- The Dalaran Fountain, Northrend

Among the many different wells that the denizens of Azeroth have called “wishing” wells, this is the luckiest. You can practically feel the luck flowing forth from the fountain. Trust us – you can feel it. If you aren’t feeling it, perhaps get your feeler checked. This is the spot.

For years, people have ventured to the Dalaran Fountain, gotten out their angling gear, and fished around in the well for the many objects required to complete four achievements that can be gotten here: A Penny For Your Thoughts, Silver in the City, There’s Gold in That There Fountain, and The Coin Master. While doing so, you can throw back the coins you fish up, gaining greater luck and increasing your chance to find more coins. It’s like an upward spiral! I just coined a phrase!

Good for:
Learning a bit more about dozens of different famous people.
It really is a small bit of lore, though.
Think about it, how much can someone write on a coin?
Uther must’ve had tiny handwriting. (4)

We’re up all night to get lucky.

There you have it: the top six luckiest places in Azeroth. Admittedly, one of the places was in Draenor, and that’s a whole other planet, but Draenor is positively overrun by people from Azeroth, right? Did you see your luckiest place in the list? Let us know where it is in the comments below, and we’ll make sure the next time you roll, you get a 100!

1. See? This adventure is already working out for you!
2. I’m almost entirely kind-of sure I didn’t just make that up.
3. Okay I totally made that one up. But it might accidentally be true, so that’s okay.
4. Just look at this thing. It’s 129 characters long! How did he write all that on a coin?

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