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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Quest for Pandaria – Part 4

We just added the fourth and final chapter of the Quest for Pandaria web novella to the Destination: Pandaria section of the World of Warcraft community website.

In this final installment, our intrepid heroes Li Li and Chen Stormstout are caught in the crossfire of a new conflict as they draw ever closer to their final destination: Pandaria, the fabled homeland of their people. Read the conclusion to this four-part novella now.

In case you missed the previous chapters, here are links to each previous update:

  • Part 1: When a long-lost artifact returns to the Wandering Isle, young Li Li Stormstout is compelled to embark on an unexpected and dangerous journey.
  • Part 2: After the Pearl of Pandaria is stolen by a thieving, good-for-nothing pirate, Li Li and her uncle Chen must recover the artifact from the briny brigand and find a way to continue on their quest.
  • Part 3: Witnessing the strife and anguish of brothers torn apart by the Cataclysm, Li Li and Chen are moved to take the first steps towards mending their own troubled family.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Li Li and Chen’s adventures. And who knows... now that Li Li has finally arrived in Pandaria, perhaps she might even be inspired to pen some more entries in her travel journal.

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