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Prepare to Meet Your Mentors: Guild Mentoring Program

We recently introduced the Guild Mentoring Program and asked for a few great guilds to volunteer their time and services. The call was heard and answered with many potential candidates sending in their applications to do their part.

After further scrutiny, gazing at crystal balls, and a visit to the Darkmoon Faire (we love the food), we have called forth the following guilds:

Alliance - The One

Horde - Life Begins
Alliance - Vice Versa

Horde - The Fearless
Alliance - Chaotic Good

Horde - Warseeker Tribe
Alliance - Enigma

Horde - Wombles of the World
Alliance - Order of Gray

Horde - Broken Faith
Alliance - Mea Culpa

For more information on the Guild Mentoring Program, please read the FAQ.

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