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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Patch 9.2 Shadowlands World Map and Zereth Mortis Maps

In this Patch 9.2 datamining post, we present the updated Shadowlands world map as well as maps for different areas of Zereth Mortis and the new raid.

Shadowlands World Map

Progenitor Raid

Resonant Peaks

Sepulcher of the First Ones

Zereth Mortis

All Patch 9.2 Tier Set Bonuses

DK Set Bonuses
DH Set Bonuses
Druid Set Bonuses

Hunter Set Bonuses
Mage Set Bonuses
Monk Set Bonuses

Paladin Set Bonuses
Priest Set Bonuses
Rogue Set Bonuses

Shaman Set Bonuses
Warlock Set Bonuses
Warrior Set Bonuses

Patch 9.2 PTR Build 41089 Datamining

Anduin Wrynn Encounter STORY SPOILERS

The Jailer Encounter STORY SPOILERS

Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid Bosses

No Playable PTR Till After Thanksgiving

Class Changes & Legendary Bonuses

Universal Covenant Legendary Belt

Cheetah Druid Travel Form

Tier Sets Bluepost First Look

Tier Set Bonuses

Death Knight Tier Set Bonuses

Demon Hunter Tier Set Bonuses

Druid Tier Set Bonuses

Hunter Tier Set Bonuses

Mage Tier Set Bonuses

Monk Tier Set Bonuses

Paladin Tier Set Bonuses

Priest Tier Set Bonuses

Rogue Tier Set Bonuses

Shaman Tier Set Bonuses

Warlock Tier Set Bonuses

Warrior Tier Set Bonuses

Mounts & Models

Mawdapted Raptora Shop Mount Reskin Available In-Game

Vicous Wolf and Toad PvP Mounts

Mawrat Mounts

Mythic Progenitor Tier Set Appearances

Raid Weapon Models

Sylvanas Model

Male Incubus Warlock Pet

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