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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Molten Core Raid Decks

Deep within Blackrock Mountain waits Ragnaros the Firelord. While many players of the World of Warcraft MMO have delved into the Molten Core and returned alive, a new challenge waits amidst the fire below! Beginning on May 30, World of Warcraft TCG players will be able to go head to head with the elemental firelord and his minions!

The Molten Core Raid Deck offers players the chance to team up with others to take on powerful new foes and face exciting new puzzles as they work their way to hot new loot! Whether you’re looking for a challenging multiplayer experience or just trying to get your hands on some treasure, raid decks offer something for everyone. The treasure packs in the Molten Core Raid Deck introduce thirty special edition treasure cards, including powerful tier 2 legs, Blastershot Launcher, and Ragnaros’s very own beatstick, Sulfuras!

If you’re interested in heading into the Molten Core but don’t know where to find friends willing to go with you, check out the
Molten Core raid events being planned for your area! Get your fire resistance ready, because when the Molten Core Raid Deck hits shelves on May 30, things are really going to heat up!

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