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Mists of Pandaria Professions: The Art of Discovery

You may have read about Spirit of Harmony in our previous article, Professions: Living in Perfect Harmony, but now it’s time for us to share the rest of the story. To get you caught up on some of the other profession changes, we sat down with the designers once more to talk about them. So let’s just get to it.

Tools of the Trade +10

There’s something to be said for having the right tool for the right job. In the past, we’ve been taught to carry the tools required for our professions, like the mining pick, skinning knife, and blacksmith hammer. (How’d you get that fishing pole to fit in your backpack, anyway?)

With Mists of Pandaria, that’s all going to change. No longer will you boldly run out into the world with your newly created character to slay beasts and skin them for their hides only to find you forgot to buy a skinning knife. You’ll now be able to perform profession-related tasks without carrying tools. Instead, players will benefit from carrying tools by the skill bonuses they provide. Need that next bump in skill level? Buy the appropriate tool and get to work. Time is money, friend!

Primary Professions

Primary professions represent an important aspect of the game, as many players have relied upon them to make gold by leveraging their skill and salesmanship. Each will be touched in some way by the discovery of Pandaria.


With this system, every alchemist will have a unique skill-leveling experience, but the system will try to provide you with the most appropriate recipes for the materials you’re most likely to have at the time.In Mists of Pandaria, the method in which one learns the ways of the alchemist has changed fundamentally. When first learning this profession, players will find only two recipes available from the trainer. From then on, the path to mastery is paved with the joy of discovery. As you level your Alchemy skills, you’ll be able to learn more recipes as you go. Skill and discovery go hand in hand and you won’t be able to discover some recipes until you reach the appropriate skill level. For example, you can only learn new Transmutes once they become discoverable at skill level 550, although each alchemist’s journey is different, so you never know what you’ll end up concocting.

Of course Pandaria wouldn’t be Pandaria without the prized Golden Lotus (the herb, not the faction). These will be in high demand as they tend to be rare and are used in a variety of pandaren recipes, ranging from gems to flasks to treasure finding potions. In addition, a new swiftness potion can turn the user into a Jinyu Assassin for a short duration.

Remember the Alchemist Stone? You can find these out in the world now as a random upgradable quest item (it’s a rock). Alchemists will also be able to help other professionals by transmuting Living Steel, a much-needed material for crafting epic items.

 Blacksmithing,   Leatherworking, and   Tailoring

Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Tailoring all make use of Spirit of Harmony in their epic recipes. The recipes craftsmen rely on to level up will create items with random stats, with a chance of making a rare-quality item. You’ll need Spirits of Harmony to learn PvP and starter dungeon gear recipes, but you won’t need the Spirits to craft the items. It should then be easier for craftsmen to make this gear and get it out to the players who need it. We’re actually adding lots of new recipes to all sorts of vendors, so see the list below for the vendors you’ll want to cozy up to.

Raid recipes for all three of these professions will drop from both “trash” mobs and bosses. The special Raid crafting reagent, the Blood Spirit, is only found when disenchanting raid weapons.

Golden Lotus Faction Golden Lotus Faction Golden Lotus Faction

Blacksmiths will want to cozy up to the Klaxxi (mantid elders) to learn new weapon, shield spike, weapon chain, and epic armor recipes that are crafted completely from things you can find out in the world. You’ll also be able to purchase PvP and tanking armor recipes (for one Spirit of Harmony each) from Jorunga Stonehoof in the Shrine of Two Moons or from Cullen Hammerbrow in the Shrine of Seven Stars. Leatherworkers will be working closely with the Golden Lotus faction to learn recipes for epic armor and leg armor kits. Much like blacksmiths, leatherworkers will be able to purchase PvP armor recipes for one Spirit of Harmony each from Krogo Darkhide in the Shrine of Two Moons and Tanner Pang in the Shrine of Seven Stars. Tailors will be able to buy a new 28-slot bag pattern, aptly named the Royal Satchel, when they reach Exalted reputation with the August Celestials. It’s worth noting that this bag is costly to make; there is no easily-made bag to replace the hard-earned Illusionary Bags you may have collected during Cataclysm. If you didn’t get your bags then, start saving for this one!

 Enchanting: Dust and Glow

Materials can be upgraded and downgraded as needed. It’s worth noting, however, that downgrading comes at a cost and will produce less dust than upgrading. The design team has also looked at glow effects from enchantments and has (figuratively) put a dimmer switch on them. They will now have a lower impact on the item they are applied to.

 Engineering: Have Arclight Spanner, Will Travel

What would the Engineering profession be without a few new toys? Wait ‘til you get a load of the two new rocket mounts that engineers can craft -- and anyone can ride (for a small fee, right engineers?)

Engineers will also be able to create a new pet, the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, and we’ve removed restrictions from others using great new items such as bombs, the Dragonling trinket, and yes, even a portable anvil (and forge) for the blacksmith on the go. (Limited use item -- please see your local engineer for more information.)

Oh, and remember the Parachute Cloak? You love that parachute cloak right? So, how about we kick it up a notch and give you the Goblin Glider. Like the Parachute Cloak, you’ll be able to take to the air, but instead of merely floating, you’ll be able to glide with style in the direction (forward ho!) you want to go without being at the mercy of the wind.

But wait, there’s more! Sometimes you just want to add a little sparkle to your day, perhaps even a little bling.  We present to you, stalwart and talented engineers of Azeroth, the Blingtron 4000. It doesn’t slice, it doesn’t dice, but it does churn out gifts! You’ll have ‘em lining up wherever you set this new invention down in the hope of getting a special gift. (Gifts are limited to one per day, per account, to anyone who talks with him while he’s around.) The Blingtron 4000 will be fully stocked with a variety of fun items such as Party Grenades, but even better than that, it has a chance (a very, very small one) to give the gift of an Engineering mount or pet. Consider this your way of giving a little something back to the world you live in. (Worship and adulation from the masses don’t hurt either.)

You may have already noticed that Engineering tinkers now all require the same reagent, the Tinker’s Kit. In addition to being able to purchase these from Engineering vendors, you can also make them yourself. (OK, there’s one tinker that still uses the old materials, but we promise that will be fixed in an upcoming patch.)


With Mists of Pandaria comes the discovery of the Golden Lotus. This herb is used in a variety of Alchemy recipes and when picked has a random chance to apply a treasure finding buff on the herbalist. There are plenty of other herbs worth noting in the expansion and we’ve listed some of them for you below.

  • Green Tea Leaf:  Known for its healing qualities, this common herb is found everywhere in Pandaria. It is said the locals normally find it too bitter for tea, and only harvest it at special times during the year to ensure a soothing flavor. Luckily, alchemists don’t care how they taste.
  • Rain Poppy:  Found in the Jade Forest and within the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, this robust red flower was once harvested exclusively by a secret organization, but is now used for a variety of potions, flasks, and even a special Inscription staff.
  • Silkweed:  Found only in the Valley of the Four Winds and Krasarang Wilds, this delicate plant was once used to create crude fabric for clothing. These days, it is used primarily to make potions and flasks that temporarily increase Intellect.
  • Snow Lily: A beautiful flower, sacred to those living in Kun-Lai summit, it is used for potions and flasks that improve Agility. Despite its revered status, it is not frowned upon to consume this delicate blossom.
  • Fool’s Cap: Deadly to the uninitiated, this mushroom causes a horrible form of weakening rot when eaten without proper preparation. A highly skilled alchemist can harness the spores to increase Strength, rather than reduce it.

For herbalists that need a little help plucking these delicate yet valuable herbs from the soil (Tauren, we’re looking at you), a new tool is now available that provides a +10 boost: the spade. We’ve also reduced the requirement to 1 for low-level herbs and ore, so you’ll be able to make steady progress a little bit more regularly through the zones as you level.


Miners will quickly discover that Ghost Iron is everywhere. As the most common ore on Pandaria, smiths have mastered the ability to hammer it into strong and lightweight armor. Trillium, a much more rare metal, can be found occasionally where you might expect Ghost Iron. It comes in both black and white varieties, and only by combining an equal quantity of both can you expect to create a bar with metalsmithing properties.

Kyparite is a crystalized form of sap from the mighty Kypari trees. The Klaxxi desire it above all else, and will teach blacksmiths how to use it to make weapons and epic armor.


Native Pandarens have a complex and confusing name for leather, and those new to the continent have taken to simply calling it Exotic Leather. While skinners will find they are consistently able to obtain full pieces of Exotic Leather, weaker animals are sometimes corrupted by the presence of the Sha and only parts of the hide are useable. If you’re extremely lucky, you may find a Magnificent Hide. Otherwise, leatherworkers can convert fifty pieces of Exotic Leather into more magnificent material.

 Jewelcrafting: Come Fly Away

Jewelcrafting dailies? Not in Pandaria. Instead, you’ll choose from among six different discovery recipes based on the color of gem you’d like to try to discover (you don’t mind sacrificing a gem for the cause, do you?) With Spirit of Harmony, you’ll be able to bypass the once-daily cooldown (though it will still apply to other discovery attempts.)

We’ve also limited the number of Jeweler’s Gems you can equip to two in order to make it a bit easier to gear up. You’ll be able to prospect Meta Gems and Meta Gem recipes will be found as world drops from any creatures with a reasonably high chance to drop Bind on Pickup items across Pandaria. Jewelcrafters will also be able to create a Scrying Gem so they can look far into the distance with something a little like far sight.

Oh, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the new Panther mounts jewelcrafters can create that will be available for anyone to purchase or ride. 

It’s worth noting that the Grab Bag you can earn in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms has a chance for Meta Gems and two new Jewelcrafting pet recipes.

Secondary Professions

Secondary professions can be taken by anyone and provide their own benefits. Not much has changed with them, though we think there are least a couple of quality of life improvements for any citizen of Azeroth.

 First Aid

You’ll now be able to start making the high-end bandages at skill level 550. When you reach the maximum skill of 600, you’ll become more efficient at making these bandages and will need fewer materials.

You’ll find plenty to do if you’re the fishing sort at the Angler’s Outpost. There are more fish to discover; some that may actually taste good and some maybe not so edible. You’ll be able to catch them with or without the fishing pole, though a sturdy rod will make things easier. You’ll also find new Fishing dailies, courtesy of our favorite angler, Nat Pagle. He’ll ask you to fish up three rare fish for him from salt water, fresh water, and from sha-touched waters. You don’t want to eat those.

Angler's Outpost Angler's Outpost Angler's Outpost

That should wrap things up for now, but we haven’t forgotten Archeology, Cooking, or Inscription. Check back soon to learn more about these professions too.

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