Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Mac Games and More

Mac Games and More is maintained by one person (Cate Defrise). However the focus of the site is to recognize and publicize the work of independent Mac developers, the people who rarely get noticed.

So, the main intention of Mac Games and More is to support the work and creative minds of shareware developers, game developers and Mac products, as well as appreciate the work of Apple, its computers and all its hardware, software and peripherals – and any news surrounding these products and the community of Mac Users, including participants of Mac User Groups (MUGS). The site is for everyone, including PC games users that just want to browse or may be interested in switching to mac games.

Playing mac games shareware and using shareware software in general, is one of the best ways to see the work of some of the most innovative and imaginative people in the shareware industry. These developers work hard and make their shareware accessible and affordable by allowing you to download the game or software, which means saving you a trip to the store, or having extra cd’s and boxes to further pile up on earth.

Another positive characteristic about shareware companies is customer service. Generally, if you have a problem or question, you can contact the developer directly and usually get a response immediately. An ACTUAL human being will contact you (Not an unhelpful automated robot response). Customer service is second to none with great shareware companies. Shareware developers are kind enough to offer games and software at affordable prices, so please support them by purchasing their products or making a donation to them. Their work is a labor of love, and if you have a pulse and you’re a fairly reasonable and intelligent person, you’ll notice this in their work.

You’ll find articles, info and history about Shareware. There are several categories of Mac games such as Action and Arcade and Shoot em up. There are Puzzles for all ages including Pre-K and up as well as Strategy and RPG games and you’ll also find clones of games for Galaga and Tetris as well as others. If you’re looking for something in particular, you can send send an email inquiry to Cate Defrise (the site’s owner and maintainer) and he’ll try to find something for you.


Please be aware that this is a paid review.

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