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Free Character Moves Available

We’re providing free transfers off of realms that are currently seeing high queue times. If you’re on one of the below realms and would like to avoid waiting in queues to play, you can take advantage of these free transfers. We’ve done our best to match realm types and time zones for a smooth transfer process.

The current transfers will go until approximately 11:59 p.m. PDT, October 31Please be aware that, due to the unpredictable nature of free transfers, we may close down any transfers at any time and without warning if the destination realm becomes full. If you plan to move with friends or your guild, we suggest that you coordinate the effort to reduce the chance of any stragglers being left behind.

Although free Guild Master Realm Transfers are not possible at this time, these free character transfers will allow you to retain your guild membership and reputation, provided the guild master completes a Guild Master Realm Transfer to the destination realm first, and does not change factions.

Early closures aside, this set of Free Character Moves will end on Wednesday, October 31.

Source Realm Destination Realm
Frostmourne - Oceanic PvPGundrak - Oceanic PvP
Illidan - Central PvPMug’thol - Central PvP
Kil’jaeden - Pacific PvPFrostwolf - Pacific PvP
Stormrage - Eastern PvETrollbane - Eastern PvE

Characters on a source realms are only eligible to transfer to the destination realm directly across from it.

To take advantage of these transfers log into Account Management, select your World of Warcraft license, and at the bottom click on Free Character Migration. Eligible characters will be listed. Please see the Free Character Migration Disclaimers and FAQ for more info.

We’ll be continuing to closely monitor realm concurrency, and will provide updates should the above transfers be altered, or any new transfers become available.

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