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(FIXED) Unnannounced Class Tuning with Patch 10.2.6 – Beast Mastery Buffed, Survival Hunter Nerfed

The community has discovered some unannounced class tuning with Patch 10.2.6 which includes a buff to Beast Mastery and a nerf to Survival Hunter.

It seems that that intended Survival Hunter buff may have accidentally been given to Beast Mastery with Patch 10.2.6!

Class ToolsBeast MasteryTalentsMarksmanshipTalentsSurvivalTalents

Specialization (1)

 Effect #6 Effect #1 Apply Aura: Modifies Damage/Healing Done
Value: 710%
Affected Spells:
(and 84 more.)

Effect #2 Apply Aura:

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