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Draenor Pathfinder: Prepare for Flying

The joy of flying is coming to Draenor with World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.2 on September, 1, and our friends over at Wowhead have joined us in the final push to help you make sure you’re prepared to earn Draenor flying as rapidly as possible.

Before you can fly in Draenor in 6.2.2, you’ll have to earn the Draenor Pathfinder Achievement. It’s a multi-part Achievement that will take some time to finish, so if you haven’t started on it yet, now’s the time to get going.

Part One – Treasure in Great Measure

There are over 200 treasures scattered across the zones that make up Draenor, some of which are highly sought after toys, and five of which are mighty battle pets: Crimson Spore, Fruit Hunter, Stonegrinder, Teroclaw Hatchling, and Umbrafen Spore.

In order to qualify for Draenor Pathfinder, you’ll need to loot at least 100 treasures from Nagrand, Gorgrond, Shadowmoon Valley, Frostfire Ridge, Spires of Arak, and Talador. You’ll know that you’ve passed the threshold when you get the “Master Treasure Hunter” Achievement.

Part Two – Quest like the Best

Each of the Draenor zones that you quest in has a main storyline—a series of quests that takes you around the whole zone, fulfilling your role amongst the Lords of War and their machinations. To get a look at your progress through the chapters in each zone, open your quest log (default hotkey: L) and expand the button above the quest list.

Draenor Pathfinder requires that you complete all of the chapters for all five zones your faction quests in. You’ll get the Loremaster of Draenor Achievement when you finish them all, and if you haven’t gotten it yet and don’t know where to go next, check out your map. There should be a big yellow exclamation point in each zone map that indicates where your next major questgiver is waiting.

Part Three – Secure for Sure

You’ll earn the Securing Draenor Achievement once you’ve completed each of the following quests (along with up to four other players in a party):

  • Assault on Everbloom Wilds and Assault on the Pit (Gorgrond)
  • Assault on the Iron Siegeworks, Assault on Magnarok, and Assault on Stonefury Cliffs (Frostfire Ridge)
  • Assault on the Broken Precipice and Assault on Mok'gol Watchpost (Nagrand)
  • Assault on Darktide Roost, Assault on Pillars of Fate, and Assault on Socrethar's Rise (Shadowmoon Valley)
  • Assault on Skettis (Spires of Arak)
  • Assault on Shattrath Harbor (Talador)

These are daily quests that you get at your Command Table in your level 2 or 3 Garrison. Furthermore, all but one of them (Assault on the Pit) can be purchased as Scouting Missives from your Garrison Quartermaster.

Part Four – Revere without Fear

You'll need to reach Revered reputation with three Tanaan Jungle factions, including the Saberstalkers and the Order of the Awakened. Alliance players will need to curry the favor of the Hand of the Prophet, while the Horde will need to earn the trust of Vol'jin's Headhunters.

Each of these factions has a major presence in Tanaan Jungle, with story questlines and daily quests that you can complete to build your reputation. On completion of all three, you’ll earn the Tanaan Diplomat Achievement.

Part Five – Show Your Face in Every Place

If you haven't already, you'll have to complete the exploration Achievements throughout Draenor. The residents of every zone are waiting to greet you!

For a complete look at every step of the Draenor Pathfinder Achievement, check out Wowhead’s Draenor Pathfinder guide, and to check your progress toward earning flying, look yourself up using Wowhead’s Flying tool.

Did we mention there’s a Soaring Skyterror flying mount in store for you?

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