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Connected Realms – Update 8/20

As previously announced, we’ve been working toward connecting realms to increase the number of players on low-population realms. Here's a continuously updated list that contains currently planned connections, future plans, and completed realm connections, all in one convenient location.

*Please note this list does not encompass all potential future connections. Please check back for further updates.

Next Connections

We will be connecting the realms listed below on Thursday, August 21 during a scheduled maintenance beginning at 5 a.m. PDT through approximately 1:00 p.m. PDT. Once maintenance is finished, these realm connections will be complete.

  • Lightninghoof and Maelstrom, The Venture Co
  • Shattered Hand and Coilfang, Dark Iron, Dalvengyr, and Demon Soul
  • Sisters of Elune and Cenarion Circle

Future Connections

  • TBD

*Plans for these connections may change at any time, but we’ll provide additional updates on specific dates for future connections here as we can. Please note that as a part of the connection process realm times may change to match each other.

Completed Connections

  • Aegwynn, Bonechewer, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, and Hakkar
  • Agamaggan, Archimonde, Jaedenar, and The Underbog
  • Aggramar and Fizzcrank
  • Akama, Dragonmaw, and Mug'thol
  • Alleria and Khadgar
  • Alexstrasza and Terokkar
  • Altar of Storms, Anetheron, Magtheridon, and Ysondre
  • Alterac Mountains, Balnazzar, Gorgonnash, The Forgotten Coast, and Warsong
  • Andorhal, Scilla, Ursin and Zuluhed
  • Antonidas and Uldum
  • Anub’arak, Chromaggus, Chrushridge, Garithos, Nathrezim, and Smolderthorn
  • Anvilmar and Undermine
  • Arygos and Llane
  • Auchindoun, Cho'gall, and Laughing Skull
  • Azgalor, Azshara, Destromath, and Thunderlord
  • Azjol-Nerub and Khaz Modan
  • Azuremyst and Staghelm
  • Black Dragonflight, Gul'dan, and Skullcrusher
  • Blackhand and Galakrond
  • Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
  • Blackwing Lair, Dethecus, Detheroc, Lethon, and Haomarush
  • Bladefist and Kul Tiras
  • Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
  • Blood Furnace, Mannaroth, and Nazjatar
  • Bloodscalp, Boulderfist, Dunemaul, Maiev, and Stonemaul
  • Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
  • Bronzebeard and Shandris
  • Burning Blade, Lightning's Blade, and Onyxia
  • Cairne and Perenolde
  • Coilfang, Dark Iron, Dalvengyr, and Demon Soul
  • Dawnbringer and Madoran
  • Darrowmere and Windrunner
  • Dath'Remar and Khaz'goroth
  • Deathwing and Executus, Kalecgos, and Shattered Halls
  • Dentarg and Whisperwind
  • Doomhammer and Baelgun
  • Draenor and Echo Isles
  • Draka and Suramar
  • Drak’Tharon, Firetree, Malorne, Rivendare, Spirestone, and Stormscale
  • Drak'thul and Skywall
  • Dreadmaul and Thaurissan
  • Drenden and Arathor
  • Duskwood and Bloodhoof
  • Eitrigg and Shu'halo
  • Eldre’Thalas and Korialstrasz
  • Eonar and Velen
  • Eredar, Gorefiend,Spinebreaker, and Wildhammer
  • Exodar and Medivh
  • Farstriders, Silver Hand and Thorium Brotherhood
  • Fenris and Dragonblight
  • Frostmane, Ner'zhul, andTortheldrin
  • Frostwolf and Vashj
  • Ghostlands and Kael'thas
  • Gilneas and Elune
  • Gnomeregan and Moonrunner
  • Grizzly Hills and Lothar
  • Gundrak and Jubei'Thos
  • Hellscream and Zangarmarsh
  • Hydraxis and Terenas
  • Icecrown and Malygos
  • Kargath and Norgannon
  • Kilrogg and Winterhoof
  • Kirin Tor, Sentinels and Steamwheedle Cartel
  • Malfurion and Trollbane
  • Misha and Rexxar
  • Mok'Nathal and Silvermoon
  • Nagrand and Caelestrasz
  • Nazgrel and Nesingwary/Vek'nilash
  • Nordrassil and Muradin
  • Quel'dorei and Sen'jin
  • Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether
  • Runetotem and Uther
  • Scarlet Crusade and Feathermoon
  • Shadowmoon and Detheroc
  • Tanaris and Greymane
  • The Scryers and Argent Dawn
  • The Venture Co and Maelstrom
  • Uldaman and Ravencrest
  • Ysera and Durotan

For more information on Connected Realms, please read the preview blog post here.


Q. My realm needs connecting, why isn’t it listed?
A. The connections listed are the phases we’ve currently finalized and have planned connection dates or estimates available for. Additional connections are possible, but they just haven’t reached that stage yet. We’ll be updating the realm connection list as phases complete and new phases are planned.

Q. When will my realm be connected?
A. We'll update this thread with the latest information on currently planned phases.

Q. My realm has a lower population than those on the list, why isn’t mine being connected first?
A. Realm connections are based on a number of factors including population, faction balance, the realm’s physical location in the world compared to other realms it may be connected to, among others. It’s also worth noting that websites which attempt to track population, while helpful in many ways, are estimates based on public data which may not provide the clearest picture of actual population.

Q: Why isn’t my character’s armory profile updating?
A: Armory profiles will not update during the connection phase. It may take up to the next realm maintenance before the Armory updates after the connection has been completed and you have logged into the character. If you have already logged into your characters, and the realm maintenance has passed, please open a report on the Website Bug Report forum.

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