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Ucigasa - World Of Warcraft

Cast Scroll of Resurrection!

Cast Scroll of Resurrection and get a free month! Invite a former player of World of Warcraft to try the latest content of World of Warcraft for 10 days free and you could get 30 days free play! For every friend who returns to the game through your Scroll of Resurrection invitation, and then re-subscribes to the game with a paid subscription, you will receive one free month of World of Warcraft game-time.

A new version of the Recruit A Friend, the Scroll of Resurrection allows previous subscribers of World of Warcraft to come back and play for 10 days free! The offer includes access to The Burning Crusade, so players who have not already been to Outland will also be able to brave the new perils and challenges to be found through the Dark Portal. Click here to visit the Scroll of Resurrection page in the Account Management and start resurrecting your friends! You can also learn more about the Scroll of Resurrection by reading our FAQ.

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