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Breakfast Topic: Achievement envy

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I’ve just about had it with all you Achievement whores! Yep, I mean you, that guy who just has to open up his map in places he’s never bothered to go before. And I mean you, too, that dude who keeps on learning pets and mounts just to get that stinky pet and an overgrown pigmentally-challenged lizard. You put too much pressure on me. No, really. My guild has gone on a Dora rampage and guild chat keeps lighting up with silly messages about this guy exploring Azshara or this girl exploring Ghostlands.

I don’t care! I tried not to take Mike’s poll on Achievements because I didn’t want my epeen to shrink any further. I cry uncle on all you explorers and pet collectors and mount enthusiasts. Okay, the truth is, all those Achievements just make me want to stop my Battleground grind — ok, I confess I’m pursuing Achievements myself, but it just isn’t as fast as all that exploration.

My guildies are racking up Achievement points paying visits to VC or Balny and the Baron while I toil away not getting any ‘shwing’ sounds for hours on end. The time I got Wrecking Ball, nobody else was online! Bummer. So hey, what about you? Are you suffering from Achievement insecurity or are you an Achievement whore like everyone else? How’re those points coming along?

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